10 May 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #300

ONE // Fleece Half-Zip
I think I only have one zip-up hoodie (that I randomly bought on my way to a festival because it was cold) and I wear it all the time. It's my go-to for over workout gear on the weekends. We've got some camping trips planned for this summer and I wanted to up my hoodie game. I fell in love with the colour of this half-zip and the rest is history. I ordered one size up after reading reviews to get a looser/longer fit. Well, it's perfect! The colour is bright and bold (just how I like it) and the boxy silhouette makes it perfect for layering. The funnel neck is a big plus for me and the zippered front pocket is perfect for holding your essentials while at the camp fire, or anytime really. I mean, it's just the best design! I will be wearing it all the time...

TWO // Nap Dress Summer
The choke hold Hill House summer drops have on me is serious... Summer is usually the biggest drop of the year and I study that line sheet like my life depends on it. I try to be reasonable and make very conscious and thought-out choices. Each pattern and silhouette is analyzed to the nth degree for me to make the best choice for my closet and lifestyle. I fell in love with the wisteria print and knew it was a must. Since last year, I've been drawn to styling outfits in a green and purple colour palette. Naturally, the wisteria print fit right into the aesthetic. I settled on the Seraphina because it's a silhouette I did not try yet and I'm trying to branch out. It's still similar to Ellie, but different enough to justify it. Limiting myself was a herculean task because I loved so many prints from this drop and the wishlist was extensive...

THREE // Savoury Scones
I had a craving for some savoury scones so I made some. I opted for bacon-cheddar and they are delicious. Perfectly golden with delicate flaky layers of buttery goodness! I like that I can just pull out my recipe book and whip up a batch of baked goods whenever I fancy. There is something freeing and self-sufficient about that. You also get a great sense of satisfaction and pride when things turn out. My baking journey has been a long one, but also a rewarding one. I did absorb some knowledge and skills by simply watching my mom and grandma bake when growing up. I realize now what a skill it actually is. I feel the same way about sewing. I watched my mom sew so much that some skills are just innate to me now. I couldn't tell you actually learning anything, but some things just stuck with me. I'm turning into my mom and I'm actually loving that!

FOUR // Unfrosted
Well, I went into this movie with no expectations and it was a hoot. I knew it would be about Pop Tarts, but didn't know what extent of it would be historically accurate. Within the first few minutes, I knew this was going to be a light-hearted comedy. The cast is absolutely vast and gathers all sorts of funny talent. Two rival cereal companies are in a race to develop a new shelf-stable breakfast food that *gasp* can be eaten without milk! This race has varying impacts on sugar supplies, mascot rights and menacing milkmen. It's a delicious goofy story through and through with characters and sets to delight the senses. If you are looking for a sugar-coated story to help you unwind, look no further than Unfrosted -it's Crazy Good! Should you be interested in the facts, Pop Tarts' got you covered!

FIVE // Orchid Leggings
Wrapping up today's post the same way I started it; by showing off the other half of my new workout set. I'm a sucker for a matching set and will always get them when I can. While I like wearing them together, I also love the versatility options of wearing the pieces separately. Matching sets are perfect anchor pieces for a capsule wardrobe because their mix-and-match-ability is key. Anyways, back to the leggings. I love the mesh panels on the leg, the reflective dots on the thigh area (perfect for evenings and early morning runs), and the high folded waistband with back pockets. These are so functional, yet retain their stylish look. Work hard, play hard!

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