17 May 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #301

ONE // Rideau Canal Locks
As I mentioned in a previous post, we are in the midst of our staff month at work, which means I get to do lots of fun activities. This week, I got to attend a special tour with a retired archivist about the Rideau Canal and its famous locks. Now, I've lived in Ottawa for about 18 years now and have done many a tour in my day. I've also had the pleasure of working downtown Ottawa, in proximity of all this history. I get to wo on my lunchtime walks along the Rideau Canal, which I was reminded to be grateful for again yesterday. The canal is a World Heritage Site and is the only North American canal of the 19th century to still be operational today along its original line. To me the canal is an amazing feature of my everyday life while it holds so much more signification on an international stage. It was a great way to spend a few moments learning about significant landmark that has become ubiquitous in the area. Playing tourist in one's city is so underrated!

TWO // Bridgerton, Season 3
It's finally here - the first part of the third season of Bridgeton! I feel like this one has been teased for so long, here's to hoping the wait was worth it! From what I can tell, the central love story will be that of Colin and Penelope. We'll also be seeing Francesca's society début. I'm so ready to delve back into the world of the Ton and relish in every costume and over-the-top ball scene. I'm also hoping for some witty repartee from Eloise and Lady Whistledown herself. Thankfully, I've got a long weekend ahead of me and no big plans. I'll be sipping on some tea while taking in every Regency moment. 

THREE // Tulips
I'm so thrilled that our tulips have bloomed! They are perennials that we planted years ago and they grow anew every spring. At least what's left of them. I suspect squirrels have dug up some of the bulbs. Our tulips are in the flower bed we have along our back fence. Said fence is covered by a hearty vine that usually covers the entire thing and serves as a lush green backdrop to the plants in the flower bed. As I said, the vine is hearty and prolific, which means we have to maintain it and trim it aggressively every now and then. The roots and stems create a web of unruliness among the other plants in the flower bed. I had not dealt with this mess in the fall, so got to it the other day. It was a truly battle of wills, let me tell you! But the vine lives to fight another day. I managed to free up the tangles around the tulips, hostas and lily of the valley while also managing to pull out some of the bigger roots. It's truly a never-ending dance, but I managed to clean it up enough for now. I'm happy to have made some breathing room for the other plants in the flower bed and get to now enjoy our colourful tulips. 

FOUR // Harry Potter Baking Show
Well, it was only a matter of time before a Potter themed cooking competition came to life. I mean, feasting is a big part of the books and many have recreated some of the more popular food items from the books ranging from Butterbeer to Pumpkin Pasties. The show, titled Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking, will air on the Food Network this holiday season. Filming will take place at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour locations, which will surely add that touch of realism to the magic that will surely be taking place in the kitchen. Pastry chefs will battle it out as they bring magical concoctions to life. I'm really hoping for Potter meets Great British Baking Show vibes - that would be right up my alley!

FIVE // G&G Summer Collection
Just when I think I've got all the pretty hair bows I can handle, Grace & Grandeur comes out with a new collection! Velvet bows are great and I wear them all year round; however, I must say that the satin ones are sucking me in too. I got my first matte satin bow at Christmas time and I love it. It's lighter, more delicate looking and less formal than its velvet counterparts without loosing any of that feminine charm. The summer collection offers matte satin bows in three colours (red, white and navy) and in four styles (micro Alice, Florence, Bailee and Delora). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted by the navy and red options...

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