31 May 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #303

ONE // New Hair
Wow, I did not think it would make this much of a difference! I was going in for my routine hair appointment - a root touch up. However, this time my hairdresser suggested we pull the colour to my ends because they had faded quite a bit. I was like, sure, sounds good to me. I guess I hadn't really realized just how faded my ends had gotten... I've been sticking with the same hair colour for years and I vaguely remember it being slightly darker, but never really looked into it. I guess years of sunshine and general exposure really faded my ends. I suppose that's bound to happen with really long hair, the colour is there for a lot longer! Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise once my hair was dry and I could take in the newfound darkness and richness. I'm totally loving it! I know it will fade again, but will enjoy it while I can! In retrospect, I might have waited for the fall to do this, but it's done now!

TWO // May Ipsy
After skipping a few months of my Ipsy subscription, I knew I wanted the May bag once I saw the design. The moody floral really speaks to my Secret Garden-loving heart. I also appreciate that the print is on both sides of the bag! I'm happy with my product selection this month, too. I'm not big on using primer, but this one is actually very lightweight and is non-sticky, it's great for those days I want longer-lasting makeup. The highlighter is fine, I just already have more than I can use at the moment... The eye cream is great but a bit on the thicker side so I prefer using it in my nighttime routine. I have yet to try the exfoliator, but I do like them for a good deep clean in the evenings after taking off my makeup. I'm actually loving the blemish cream, it really helps heel blemishes and reduce redness! I'm also a fan of the lipgloss - it's a great everyday blush hue and is actually non-sticky. Overall, it was a good selection this month!

THREE //Lilac Earrings
I've been looking for imitation amethyst earrings for a long time now. I wanted an everyday option that would go with my lilac/lavender looks. It was a gap in my collection and I'm happy to say I finally found them! It was pure happenstance. We went to the pharmacy for things we needed and I randomly spotted this pair on the Joe Fresh display. I have a few Joe Fresh earrings and really like them. This dainty set is a pearl with square amethyst dangle. They are the ideal option for everyday looks, but could easily be worn more formally. The fact they are also pearls makes them a very "me" option. You can't go wrong with pearls and I find the addition in this case to elevate the earrings and give them that more classic feel. It was a great find!

FOUR // I Am Céline Dion Soundtrack
I have had this Spotify playlist on repeat since it came out last week. I've been a Céline fan my whole life, yet struggled to find a bilingual playlist of her songs. I love both her French and English music and found most playlists focused on one or the other language. I suppose I could have built my own, but I never got around to it. Fast-forward to last week when a ready-made playlist of the upcoming movie soundtrack was made available. To me, it's practically perfect - it really has a great balance of songs in both languages! It's basically the Céline playlist of my dreams! 

FIVE // Spiderlings
I'm posting this one last because it can be a bit of a jump scare for some people. This week, I noticed an odd clump hanging between two rungs of my deck railing. Once I approached it, I noticed it was essentially a little ball of spiderlings (newly hatched spiders). I was both surprised and impressed by the phenomenon! I had never witnessed such behaviour and turned to the internet to find out more. As a rule of thumb, if it's not a threat, bothering me or can cause issues, I let nature be. In this case, I'm very happy I did not disturb the orb as my research indicates it would have led to a quick dispersion of the spiderlings, and there are lots of them! I read that this is typical behaviour for garden spiders and that once they deplete the yoke in their abdomens, they will disperse on their own. So far, it has not been an issue and I trust the spiderlings will go their separate ways in due time. Nature sure is amazing!

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