24 May 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #302

ONE // Six
I finally got to go see Six the musical and it was everything I hoped it would be! Who knew history could be so high-energy? I love how the stories told are those of Henry VIII's six wives, yet he's not even part of it! Ironic how this king is still remembered today for having had six wives, yet if it weren't for those six wives he might not be part of modern consciousness. I mean, I'd go so far as saying his second wife and her daughter are probably more remembered than he is. Ever heard of Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I? I love that this musical focuses on the different wives and their respective stories. It gives them a voice and puts the focus back on them after being reduced to single words in a rhyme for so many years. This is a fun, energetic, witty way of telling each wife's story in a pop concert setting. I highly recommend this show for a fun night out! Full disclosure: the soundtrack is now my go to playlist when I clean the house. The songs are that catchy!

TWO // Paint Workshop
Have I mentioned how much I love Staff Month at my work? It's truly the best! This week, I got to participate in a painting workshop. We painted a bunch of lilacs and I think my work of art turned out alright! While I'm a crafter and have an artistic sense, I'm no painter. I leave that medium to my sister who's a whiz with a paint brush. However, I think I did a decent job. I mean, the subject is recognizable and I'm actually proud of my work. I just might display it in my home office, ha ha! The best part was getting to spend a morning giggling with colleagues and just having a good time.

THREE // Patchwork
My husband got this board game a few years ago now when we were trying to stock up on two-player games for our camping weekends. While we packed it a couple times, we never actually got around to playing it. Well, that changed this past weekend when we went away to a cottage. We're not sure why we waited so long to try it because it's great! It's a very simple, straightforward game. The concept is actually perfect for a two-player game, which can be difficult to achieve without making it dull. This one is perfect and it wraps up naturally at the right point in the game. The only downside is that there are a lot of tiny pieces and you need a decent surface area to play. Not a big deal when you know what to expect. I highly recommend this game!

FOUR // Galactic Grape
The weather is beautiful and very summerlike these days, so that means it's iced tea season! I drink tea all year round, but love an iced herbal tea to sip on while sitting on the patio and enjoying a good book. I recently popped into my local David's Tea and got a big bag of the new Galactic Grape tea. I'm enjoying a cup as I write this post and it is supremely delicious! I've always loved the grape flavour and this tea is very grape-y. It's sweet and definitely has that grape candy flavour punch. It's a perfectly refreshing summer beverage! I'm happy I got lots because I'll be drinking it often. It's gonna be a grape summer!

FIVE // Navy Swimsuit
You how when you like an item you sometimes wished you got it in more colours? Well, that's what happened with this swimsuit. I got a black one a few years ago and love it so much. It's a classic silhouette with some added flair in the ruffle neckline. I wear it all the time and kept thinking it would be great to get it in a different colour way. Well, my wish came true when I randomly came across the navy version when browsing in store. I snagged it right away and am very happy I did as it turns out this colour was a store exclusive. Talk about a stroke of luck! I wore it for the first time this weekend and I love it as much as I like my black one. 

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