25 Apr 2016

Forest Floral

I'm kind of having a thing for printed pants lately... I just find them so delightful and inspiring. A well-tailored pant infused with a fun print brings them to life! Printed tops also work when adding interest to a look, but I feel printed bottoms give it that extra bang! The print is more often in movement when you walk, so it becomes more of a focal point. I'm also a big fan of colour and prints that allow me to wear a bunch of colours at once, while remaining put together... I express myself through my style and I like to think my personality as is colourful and interesting as the prints I wear! Never a dull moment with me!

Pants: Banana Republic | Top: Smart Set | Earrings: Reitmans | Cardicoat: Old Navy | Scarf: Excite | Shoes: Call it Spring 

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