3 Apr 2016

M is for Mimi

Ah, weekend lounging... I did a lot of R&R during the Easter long-weekend, which meant I wore my trusty leggings, sweater and slipper combo! I like this monogrammed sweater because I was actually able to snag one with the letter of my name! I like the letter M, it's so symmetrical! I guess my parents liked it too, seeing as all my siblings' names also start with this letter... Anyways, I sometimes like wearing simple and obvious graphic tops. They need no explanation. I also found these funky Muppet slippers hiding in my closet. I had completely forgotten about them! They are super comfy! The sole is like memory foam, so wearing these is literally like walking on a cloud! Yes, they are big, fluffy and over the top, but who says lounge wear can't also be a conversation piece?

Sweater: Old Navy | Camisole: Garage | Leggings: Lululemon | Slippers: (old)

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