10 Apr 2016

On The Road Again

Since all good things come to an end, it was time to go home. Another day spent in the car (after a couple late nights) definitely called for PJ-like clothes! I had packed a pair of black floral soft pants and a salmon-coloured slouchy sweater. I stuck with my trusty metallic plimsolls to complete the look. I was so proud of myself for only bringing one pair of shoes on this trip! This took a bit more effort in the planning phase. But I was happy to have flat shoes that were also interesting. What are your go-to travelling clothes?

P.S. Taking outfit pics when you are running on very little sleep makes for a lot of giggling!

Pants: Dynamite | Sweater: Smart Set | Earrings: Aldo (gift) | Necklace: Fame Accessories | Shoes: Zara

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