23 Mar 2017

Vacation - Slice of Paradise

I found the cutest tree with big hearts in it! Naturally, I frolicked around it like I was in a magical garden. Yes, I had a total unicorn moment... That's what happens when I'm on holidays and fully relaxed, my true colours shine through! Today's look was also a bit unusual as I wore my swimsuit cover-up as part of my outfit. Why not? The pink matched the watermelon print of the tank perfectly! Add on the usual hat, shades and flip flops and there you have it, a perfect whimsical look!

Shorts: Old Navy | Top: RW&CO | Belt: Old Navy | Ruana: Ricki's | Hat: Gap | Earrings: H&M | Necklace: Dynamite | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) | Sandals: Old Navy

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