22 Mar 2017

Vacation - White Hot Denim

One of the most practical things I packed was my white denim jacket. I try to bring at least one outer-layer for the colder nights. A denim jacket is not too bulky and is easy to style. I opted for the white one, as I felt it went well with my pastel colour palette this trip. I ended up wearing it three time. The first time was for a bit of shopping in the boutiques on the resort, which tend to be well air-conditioned, so the extra layer was perfect for keeping chills at bay. The second time, I draped it over my shoulders for a dinner with friends. I was wearing a sleeveless romper and wanted to makes sure I had something to cover my shoulders should I get cold at some point during the evening. We tend to eat later on vacation, so usually the beaming daytime sun makes way to the cooler evening breeze. Finally, I wore my jacket on the way back to the airport on our last day. I usually only change into my "winter" clothes once at the airport. Long pants and multiple layers are not practical to wear in the tropical weather. It's just a trick I find to be more practical. I actually ended up wearing my jacket underneath my sweater in the plane... It made for a bulkier outfit, but it was nice and cozy to nap in! So there you have it, the full breakdown of all the occasions during which a denim jacket came in handy!

Look 1:
Jacket: Old Navy | T-shirt: Dynamite | Shorts: Old Navy | | Earrings: Claire's | Sunglasses: BP. (Nordstrom) |Necklace: Dynamite | Belt: Dynamite | Hat: Gap | Sandals: Old Navy 

Look 2:
Romper: Dynamite | Belt: Old Navy | Jacket: Old Navy | Earrings: Aldo | Necklace: Magnolia | Clutch: Dynamite | Flats: Breckelle's

Look 3:
Top: Old Navy | Jacket: Old Navy | Shorts: American Eagle | Sandals: Old Navy

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