15 Mar 2017


Day two of operation Nesting Phoenix. Mom and I played this new game. It's called match the shoes to the correct shoe box. Seeings as I have small footwear collection, the process was easy-peasy... Not! I'm actually ashamed to say how many pairs of shoes I own, but let's just say it took us the better part of a day. (All those shoes, and I'm barefoot today...) Then it was a mad dash to breakdown a few dozen boxes to bring them to the curb in time for the recycling pick-up. I also got to break in the new vacuum because, once the stair railings were installed, I had a lovely house full of saw dust. The dogs loved it, dragging it all over the place! They're like walking dust-bunnies! I guess you can say they are making the most of the resettling process, taking it all in stride! It's starting to feel a bit more like home everyday now.

Shirt: Dynamite | Sweater: Verve ami | Leggings: Dynamite

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