1 Mar 2017

Fashion Formula - Sweater Layer

I've noticed that one of my go-to styling tricks in the cooler months is layering a shirt underneath a sweater. This technique is not revolutionary by any stand point, but it is a great trick to master! I've assembled a collage of different outfits in which I styled a shirt/sweater combination. There really is no limit to this technique. You can mix endless colours and patterns to give you limitless possibilities!

This Buffalo plaid shirt has been a go-to this season! It obviously pairs well with red and black, but really pops against white too.

I also have a thing for my grey gingham shirt... It's such a perfect base layer. The light, neutral palette make styling it a breeze. I realize I've stuck to a more monochromatic styling, but it could go with pretty much any colour sweater!

My purple and blue plaid shirt was definitely a repeat in the cycle this past season, but I've only worn it layered with a sweater a couple times.

Chiffon blouses make for great layering pieces because of their sheer factor. They are usually light weight and not bulky, so great under sweaters. The sheerness always brings an extra little something to a look, especially if the blouse is patterned.

I also love layering my lace blouse. Although it is not very long, I do manage to pair it with certain sweaters. The peek of lace detailing on the collar, cuffs and hem really soften a look. The feminine detailing adds a pleasant touch.

Similarly to the buffalo plaid, the red plaid blouse is an easy one to style. It can easily be dressed up or down and provides a nice pop of colour.

One of my all-time favourites is the neck-tie blouse. When I purchased it, I did not fully grasp how versatile it was. I love layering it under a sweater because the exposed black tie is a really neat touch! It's unexpected and adds a bit of whimsy to your look. 

If you are new to layering a shirt and sweater, starting with a chambray shirt is an easy way to try your hand at it. It's like the training wheels of shirts. It literally pairs with any sweater, in any colour and appropriate in almost any dress code.

Finally, the currently-trendy bell-sleeve blouse is a really fun one to layer. I've paired my blouses with different sweaters. The navy sweater has slits at the wrist, so it accommodates the pleated bell-cuffs really well. Alternatively, pairing a straight-cuffed blouse with a bell-sleeve sweater is a great combination! You can always just go the usual route and pair your bell-sleeves with a regular sweater, just be sure to pull up the sweater sleeves a bit to showcase the blouse.

With the variety of blouses and sweaters out there, you really can't bore of this layering trick. This is the opposite case of teaching an old dog new tricks. You can constantly recycle this styling tip and keep it fresh by adapting it with current trendy pieces.

Have fun layering!


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