11 Mar 2017

Bells and Boots

Last minute night at the hotel because your house isn't ready yet? I had to get crafty and pack a bag quickly. Please note I would have packed a bag ahead of time had a night at the hotel been in the plans. Seeing as the plans changed, I decided to grab the clothing from the top of the boxes. One easily identifiable box was that of my Hunter boots, and it was sitting neatly on top of the pile. Perfect! The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow anyways. Now I remembered recently wearing my red striped shirt, which would match the boots. I opened the last packed box and sure enough the shirt I was looking for was there. Right next to it was the tie-sleeve sweater. I grabbed it for layering. I finished off by reaching in for a pair of jeans, crossing my fingers they would complete the look, and I got lucky once more! Now for some PJs (again, in the same box) and my toiletries. Done! Bag packed in less than five minutes and I ended up with a perfectly weather appropriate look that matched my red boots! Word to the wise: don't expect this method of box-diving to guaranty a well put-together look. You won't always get great results... A little planning goes a long way!

Jeans: Banana Republic | Shirt: Dynamite | Sweater: Zara | Boots: Hunter

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