14 Mar 2017

One Box at a Time

Unpacking is such a glamorous affair it requires black attire. I figured this noire off-the-shoulder sweater fit the bill! All kidding aside, this task is far from glamorous, but when a job needs doing, might as well look good doing it! I'm just trying to convince myself I looked good while sorting through piles of boxes... The big fuzzy slippers matched my jeans so that was a small victory. The weekend-uniform has definitely been my go-to lately. It's great relying on a formula when you are a busy bee. My mom is here to help me out for a few days. Here's to phase 1 of operation Nesting Phoenix! (Ha, I figured I'd give this whole resettling experience a catchy name!) We have risen from the ashes, literally, and have a lot of nesting to do to make the new house feel like home again. I am looking forward to this next step.

Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Old Navy | Earrings: (gift) | Slipper: (old)

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