4 Sept 2017

Hot & Cold

Well, it just wouldn't feel quite like fall unless I came down with a cold... Yes, I have a cold. I was doing so well lately, and was hoping my immunity was on the mend. (The year following the fire took its toll on my system and I was sick more often than usual.) Oh well, the change of season is brutal for little viruses. Here's to hoping it won't linger. Seeing as I was both warm and chilly, I wore long pants and sleeveless layered tops... I'm all over the place, but so is my internal temperature. I ended up calling it quits at midday and went home to rest. When I got home, I had a chicken noodle soup, changed into my pjs and curled up on the couch for a nap. It was a very long nap seeing as my fianc├ę woke me up when he got home four hours later. The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent on that same couch, sleeping and coughing. I'm actually writing this post a few days later, and I can say I am doing much better. Sometimes, a little R&R is just what you need. This cold forced me to stop for a second and recup. Hopefully, it will be the first and last of the season. Fingers crossed!

Jeans: Jordache | Top: Smart Set | Blazer: Zara | Earrings: Zara | Sandals: Old Navy

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