22 Sept 2017

Pale, Print, Shine

Ok, so by this point in the week, I'm trying to mash up a bit of summer and a bit of fall elements into one (hopefully) weather-appropriate look. I'd say I somewhat succeeded today. The golden camisole, paired with a leopard-print cardigan and sky-blue pants was both a wining colour and layering combination. I was able to remove the cardigan when it got too hot and the cropped, light-coloured pants kept me somewhat cool. I was however happy to have the scarf for my morning commute, because the AC in the bus is very cold. All in all, I think I got it right today! Sometimes you have to straddle the line between two seasons and two very different temperatures. Some mornings, getting dressed can prove very challenging!

Camisole: Joe Fresh | Cardigan: Jacob | Pants: Banana Republic | Earrings: Banana Republic | Necklace: Dynamite | Scarf: Old Navy | Flats: Old Navy

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