1 Sept 2017

I Struck Gold!

This look is quite literally the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I didn't plan it that way, but once I saw it, there was no going back! Not only is this dress all the colours, but I also got it for a steal. I had been eyeing it ever since it came out, but never actually got it. As I was scrolling the clearance section, I spotted it and the only one left was my size. Style karma at its best! To top it all off, I had coupon codes for ten dollars off and free shipping. A little bit more, and the store would have been paying me to get it! This kind of luck doesn't happen often, but when it does it's like striking gold! I actually did a happy jig when checking out. Turns out the day I wore this, it was storming pretty hard. I thought of the irony of wearing a rainbow look, but figured I could give people of glimpse of what they might see when the rain subsides.

Today is the first of September and it is giving me all these going-back-to-school vibes, even though I am not going back to school. I used to love a couple aspects of going back to school and those were the new school gear and best of all, new clothes! I therefore thought it fitting to wear a new outfit on the first. Any excuse is a good one for me. I also remember my mom letting us pick one sugary cereal before school started, as a kind of motivation to get us out of bed the first week. I would always pick Lucky Charms, go figure. To this day, I can't resist those colourful marshmallows that turn the milk a funky shade of grey. So there you have it! This rainbow dress is making me reminisce and feel like a kid again!

Dress: Ricki's | Earrings: Banana Republic | Jacket: Banana Republic | Shoes: Zara

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