29 Sept 2017

Whirlwind Dressing

I've had one of those mornings... In the early morning hours, when my fianc├ę had just left for work, I turned around in bed and felt a wet spot with my foot. Just like that, I was wide awake! I jumped out of bed, turned on the light and investigated the spot. I was actually mad because I thought of the dogs had peed on the bed (which they've never done, so it would have been a first). Turns out, one of them got really sick and threw up... a lot! I guess it happened a few hours prior because it had time to seep into the comforter, the sheets and the mattress cover. I was crossing my fingers the mattress would be dry and, to my great relief, it was! Thank goodness for that mattress cover! My anger dissipated very quickly once I realized what had transpired. I could tell the poor puppy felt bad and was not doing so well. She really couldn't help it. I reassured her and proceeded to stripping the bed and doing two loads of laundry before work.

That rough start threw me off my morning routine and when it came time to get dressed, things did not go as planned. I had anticipated wearing a different outfit than I had planned because, again, the forecast was going to be way higher than I thought, so what I had picked out would not have worked. Sounds like a good plan, in theory, but when I went to put on the spare outfit, I realized there was a big stain on my shirt. Ok, not too bad, I can just switch out that piece, so I grabbed a different top only to realize I didn't like it with the skirt. So now, I'm switching out the bottoms. Turns out, I ended up switching everything and came up with an entirely different third look. I am not too fussed about it, but I have to say, the message on the graphic tee is perfect for the morning I've had! C'est tellement n'importe quoi!

Top: Dynamite | Jeans: Jordache | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Belt: Smart Set | Flats: Payless Shoe Source

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