8 Feb 2018

Hot Pink Plaid

OK, let's put that cocooning on pause for a second. I found my fuchsia sweater and it's giving me a burst of energy. It's amazing how a colour can instantly lift your spirit and get that creativity flowing again! I'll admit I didn't venture far from my usual outfit formula of late, but I did infuse a good dose of colour to brighten things up. I even traded in the leggings for jeans! (Gasp!) Ok, they are super stretchy and comfortable, but they are technically not leggings. I also opted for rubber boots, because now Mother Nature is having a hot flash and is melting all that freezing rain from the other day. I'm not complaining about the meltdown, merely pointing out the practicality of my footwear choice. This outfit is giving me a glimpse of spring, and I will hold on to it for as long as I can!

Sweater: Old Navy (similar) | Blouse: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Zara (similar) | Necklace: Reitmans (similar) | Earrings: (souvenir) (similar) | Boots: Giant Tiger (similar) 

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