12 Feb 2018

Vacation - Taking Flight

For those of you who also follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I have been on vacation the past week. As I've done in the past, I will recap my vacation looks on the blog. This week will therefore focus on my time in the sun. I will kick things off gently, starting with my travel look.

As much fun as travelling can be, sometimes knowing what to wear can be a challenge. I think it's safe to say that after a handful of trips to warmer climates, I have become a bit of a pro at plane-dressing for travelling from a cold to a warm climate. It's all in the layers! I also opt for comfort over style, because let's face it, plane travel is uncomfortable at best, so dressing comfortably helps minimize that discomfort. I also try to stick to a monochromatic palette, that way you can mix and match some of your layers in other looks you've packed.

I chose a Breton top as my base layer and added black leggings and an open-front cardigan. (P.S. I also decided on a bralette, because they really are that much more comfortable than conventional undergarments.) I also like to wear big socks on a plane, just for that added cozy factor. Wearing your bulkiest pair of shoes is a good idea too. It will give you that much more suitcase real estate! I decided to wear my running shoes, the sock-style makes them really light and easy to wear.

Now for the crucial layer. Although I am only outside when getting from the car to the airport, the bitter cold winter air is brutal. I know I need transitional tidbits to keep me warm. I always reach for a blanket scarf! They are so versatile and double as an actual blanket in the plane. I also wear a tuque and mittens that can easily be thrown in my carry-on when no longer needed. And they don't take too much space. Depending on how cold I get in the plane, they might make a reappearance!

Finally, I carried my fuchsia Lululemon bag as my carry-on. It provided the perfect pop of colour for my look and added an element of fun! The other bonus of such a bright colour is that it is rare and will make it easier to differentiate your bag from the others. I like my Lulu bags (actually more like gym bags, but oh so stylish) because they are sturdy, roomy and have loads of zipped pockets and compartments. They really are the perfect travel bags to keep all your contents organized. The shoulder strap also comes in handy and allows you to trek through the airport hands free.

So there you have it, a perfect travel ensemble! At first glance, it looks like any old casual look, but a lot more thought went into planning it. I like to do all my outfit thinking and planning before the trip. That way, it takes the guesswork out of getting dressed. Personally, I find it's one less thing to stress about! Travel is stressful enough without having to worry about what you are wearing.

Top: BP. (similar) | Sweater: BP. (similar) | Leggings: Dynamite | Earrings: Banana Republic | Necklace: Tacori (similar) | Tuque: Dynamite (similar) | Scarf: Old Navy (similar) | Mittens: Dynamite (similar) | Socks: Old Navy (similar) | Shoes: Nike | Bag: Lululemon (similar)

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