1 Feb 2018

Bold Gold

It's Friyay! The weekend is a reason to celebrate, so I busted out all the gold goodness. I started with this awesome bold-striped cardigan and built the look from there. I added a mustard long-sleeve tee, a glitter belt and a dramatic layered pearl necklace with gold links. Figuring it would probably be best to step away from the colour now, I completed the outfit with basic skinny jeans. After all, I didn't want to go overboard. For the outside look, I wore my ivory coat and accessorized with a brown faux-fur stole and boots to match. I thought the warm tone of the brown would complement the ivory and mustard palette. This was a fun way to jazz up a casual Friday look, while still remaining comfortable. The statement jewelry totally makes you ready for after-hour drinks, should the occasion present itself...

Top: Smart Set (similar) | Cardigan: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Jordache (similar) | Belt: Old Navy (similar) | Necklace: ebay (similar) | Earrings: RW&CO (similar) | Coat: Esprit (similar) | Stole: Zara (similar) | Boots: Henri Pierre (similar)

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