19 Feb 2018

Puppy Love

The best part about getting back from vacation is definitely coming home to the puppies! Since our flight home was a red-eye, I took the following day off as well. It was nice to have a good night-ish sleep in my own bed before taking the time to unpack and do laundry before my work-week officially started. It was also really nice to spend quality time with the puppies, who really missed us while we were gone. Being greeted by those wagging tails in the middle of the night was the best welcome home we could have asked for! I traded in my swimsuit for some leggings and a sweater today because it is still winter here (#reality). Staying on theme, I wore my cute little bulldog sweater. Notice how even the dog on the sweater is wearing a sweater? Welcome to the Great White North, the place where even our sweaters wear sweaters...

Sweater: Ricki's (similar) | Jeans: Jordache (similar) | Socks: Mukluks (similar)

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