31 Mar 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #44

ONE // Pearl Barrette
Pearl barrettes (and barrettes in general) are popping up everywhere lately and will be a huge trend for spring. Seeing them brought me straight back to my childhood. Unlike the bright plastic ones, the pearl finish gives this version a hint of class and makes it totally appropriate for adults. I've been loving all types of hair accessories lately (headband, cough, cough) and have already worn this barrette a few times. It's elegant, feminine and totally practical for wrangling stray strands!

TWO // Raffia Clutch
Ok, this one is not exactly recent (I brought it with me on our minimoon) but, when spring comes along, it's time to bust out the straw bags! I just love the touch a straw bag brings to a look. It makes everything so summery and fresh. I'm a huge fan and my small(ish) collection seems to grow every season. Brace yourselves for all the straw bags in the near future! This one is from Zara and can be worn cross-body or carried as a clutch. I love a little versatility!

THREE //Wireless Earbuds
Ok, I'm still not sure how I feel about wireless earbuds. I'm so paranoid of losing them (am I the only one?) Before hoping on the band wagon, I thought I'd give these dupes a try. They were only 10 bucks, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I've charged them and tested them out, but now I have to get around to putting music on my phone in order to use them. I am so old school that I still used my iPod shuffle. Remember those? Well, turns out they don't have Bluetooth! The way I see it, if it still works, why replace it? I guess I should maybe step-up my music game... I'll give them a good try one of these days and see if I'm ready to part with the cord or not.

FOUR // Polka Dot Pants
I could not resist these navy polka dot pants when I saw them on sale! They are oh so perfect and will fit right in with all my other printed pants. I like the navy background colour because I find it less harsh than black and the size of the dots is perfect: not too big nor too small. I'm looking forward to styling these with plenty of striped shirts, white lacey tops and printed bandana scarves. They will transition very well from spring to summer and even into fall.

FIVE // Poutine Fest
It was Poutine Fest on campus this past week and it is seriously one of the highlights of my week! I don't even know where to begin telling you guys just how much I love poutine, but the long and short of it is that it courses through my veins! As much as the traditional poutine (with curds!) is amazing in itself, this festival allows me to expand my culinary horizons and try different variations of said dish. I always love the lobster poutine (I sea food, I want it), but this time I opted for a deep-fried curd version. I mean, this thing has two kinds of cheese and two deep-fried components, all slathered in gravy. Could it sound any better? I was reasonable and opted for the small portion, but easily could have polished off a large. My stomach is thanking me, but my heart wants more... (If anyone pictured the organs from the Awkward Yeti, you are spot on!)

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