24 Mar 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #43

ONE // Mom's Coat
The second coat my mom gave me is this colourful beauty! She referred to it as her "coat of many colours" while I refer to it as the "snake coat". Let me explain. As a kid, I remember her making this statement piece and I always thought the black and white bits looked like little snakes. Not sure where that comparison came from, but I can't shake it now! I've always liked snakes and I must have seen a picture of one at some point and that's the association I made. Funny the things we remember! I'm so happy I finally get to wear it! The bold colour block style is right up my alley, and the colour palette is to die for!

TWO // Aladdin Trailer
The official trailer for Disney's live action Aladdin dropped last week and I can't wait to see it! I'm not too sure how I feel about the chosen actors (Will Smith for the Genie???) It also made me think back to the Wonderland spin off of Once Upon a Time in which they had cast an amazing Jafar (Naveen Andrews)! I don't really know what to expect with this Disney remake, I mean I loved the new Beauty and the Beast, but I found the recent Cinderella was a bit of a miss in certain respects. Either way, I'm likely going to see it when it hits theatres! Might even convince the husband to join me seeing as Aladdin was one of his favourites growing up.

THREE // Yellow Rubber Boots
Not quite ready to invest in a third pair of Hunters just yet, I totally fell for these yellow ankle rubber boots from Old Navy! I love the bright pop of colour and find the shorter boots will be easier to wear than tall yellow ones. There is something so classic about yellow rain gear! These are sure to brighten your looks even on the dreariest of spring days. Yellow not your shade? They also come in black!

FOUR // March Ipsy Glambag
This month's bag was brought to you by the colour purple. Not sure this was done on purpose, but let's just say my products are very matchy-matchy this month! I'm not complaining, purple's my favourite colour so I'm all over this! I love the empowering message on the bag and the rose gold tone is perfect. I got a lilac nail polish that will be perfect for spring, a funky eyeshadow, a lip balm, a highlighter (might actually start using these!), a liquid lipstick in a nice mauve and a subtle red gloss. I'm ready for you spring! Anytime now...

FIVE // Bonjour Sweater
Graphic tees and stripes tees are my weaknesses, but a top that is both of those things and with a French word: I mean come on! The mutli-coloring of the letters is just icing on the cake and gives this top the perfect amount of whimsy! If I was a school teacher, this top would be the MVP of my closet. I guess it appeals to the kid in me! Be prepared to see this top a lot!

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