12 Mar 2019

Plum Blooms

This look sure is colourful! I admit the colour palette would be more suitable for fall, but I'm running out of ideas here and was craving a splash (or tidal wave) of colour! This bright red and orange floral shirt packs a punch no matter how I style it. I was drawn to it last year and love wearing it because it is so bold and statement-worthy. I tried toning down its impact by layering it under a purple dress. I guess that would have worked well enough, but I went and wore a bright orange belt and tights to match, so the subtlety was lost right then and there! I was so far down the rabbit hole at this point that I figured adding a brooch and purple boots wouldn't make my outfit any more or less muted. I tried to cover up the crazy a bit by going vintage with my outside layer. To be honest, I'm a huge fan of the purple cloche and scarf with my bespoke coat, but the orange tights are giving me away... Today was a more-is-more kind of day! I have to get those wacky looks out of my system every now and then! What is fashion if not about experimenting?
Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Dress: Smart Set (similar) | Belt: Cloe Moda (similar) | Brooch: (vintage) (similar) | Earrings: Smart Set (similar) | Tights: Sculptz (similar) | Cloche: Simons (similar) | Coat: Aragon Couture (similar) | Scarf: (old) (similar) | Boots: Hunter (similar)

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