4 Mar 2019

Red Check

Christmas: check! Valentine's Day: Check! Me still wearing red: Check! It's always the right time of year to wear red. That's what I told my mom when I chose red for my first pair of Hunter boots. She looked at me like I had four heads and questioned whether that was the wisest colour choice. I was dead set in choosing red and don't regret it one bit! These boots have rarely left my feet and I wear them all year round. Somehow, I always find ways of matching them to my daily outfits and have yet to run out of options. So, I'd say red was the way to go! Seeing just how much I wear them, my mom now understands my decision. Today, I wore them with my plaid shirt dress, leggings and a sleeveless blazer. I'll be the first to admit my look is a bit on the Christmassy side of things with the plaid colour palette, but I don't really care. I wore my first Nutmeg and Arlo pin today and I was super excited to add it to my look. It's the perfect little touch of whimsy!

Dress: Old Navy | Leggings: Lululemon (similar) | Sleeveless Blazer: Dynamite (similar) | Earrings: Callura (similar) | Pin: Nutmeg and Arlo (similar) | Boots: Hunter

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