6 Dec 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #131

ONE // Oh, Snap!
I love a good Christmas sweater and loved this one from H&M last Christmas. I never got it then, but scooped it up this past spring when it went on clearance. I've been anxiously waiting to wear it ever since! I just love the sassy, yet seasonally appropriate, design! Also, the sequins make it that much more kitsch, ha ha! I've got a couple soft H&M sweaters like this one and they are so soft and cozy; so actually great to wear. Even if I'll be staying put this Christmas, I'll be wearing my Christmas sweaters and pyjamas all season long!

TWO // Christmas at Downton Abbey
I've been listening to this relaxing Christmas Spotify playlist while I work and it's been great in the background. I've always loved Downton Abbey so this playlist was right up my alley! It's a lot of classical and slow tempo songs which makes it easy to listen to and create a peaceful work environment, while remaining in the spirit of the holiday. This is totally making me want to rewatch the entire series. Who knows? This might be my big Christmas break plans as travel is a no go...

THREE // David's Tea Subscription Box
The most wonderful news came out on Wednesday: David's Tea is launching a seasonal subscription box! I did not see this coming and am so here for it! If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of David's Tea and have a well-stocked cupboard with an extensive selection of flavours. For now, it's a yearly subscription format with four boxes, sent every three months. Each box will include a variety of teas (even sneak peeks!), some teaware, special offers and more. The first boxes will ship in January 2021 and I am seriously considering asking this for my birthday...

FOUR // Tulle Skirt
After searching for the perfect tulle skirt for months, I could not buy this one quick enough! I was being picky and the skirt needed to have certain elements. I wanted a neutral hue that was somewhere between blush and beige, I wanted a fixed waistband (no elastic) and it needed to have layers of tulle with a lining. What really sold me was the midi length, it was meant to be! I know a tulle skirt is a little extra, but I am here for it! I instantly go back to my little ballerina days when I put it on. I just can't help but twirl all day long! I've worn it a couple times since getting it, but I really couldn't wait to style it for the holidays. I will surely wear this beauty for years to come!

FIVE // Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast
Ever since I discovered podcasts earlier this year, I've been hooked! I listen to them all the time (while getting ready in the morning, while cleaning, while cooking, while walking, etc.). Last week, I stumbled upon Twenty Thousand Hertz and it's been a real revelation! Never would have I thought that a podcast about sound would be up my alley, but I literally cannot stop listening to it! My mind is blown! I'm learning so much and have found a whole new appreciation for sounds of all kinds. If you like learning new things - and have a bit of a geeky side - this pod is for you!

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