3 Dec 2020

Plaid it's Snowing!

We finally got our first big dumping of snow last weekend and I think it's going to stay! Some might melt as the temperatures rise a bit this weekend, but I'm sure we'll still have some and there's more coming. I get so giddy on the first big snowfall of the season because it retains that speck of nostalgic magic and truly makes it feel like the Holidays. The fact that it snowed the day after I decorated, made me feel like the timing was just right and I was not jumping the gun, ha ha! Not that I needed that, but I'll take the validation! Thanks, Jack Frost! I'll admit, the very best part about winter this year will be the fact that I'm working from home and don't have to venture outdoors on the really bad days. Is it bad that this is making me like winter even more? I guess I won't be wearing my boots quite as often this season, but I'm happy to have them for when I need them. I wear my Hunter boots all year round but really love them for the snow and slush.

Sweater: Ricki's (similar)  | Jeans: Jordache (similar) | Scarf: Zara (similar) | Earrings: Dynamite (similar) | Beret: Simons (similar) | Boots: Hunter

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