20 Dec 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #133

This will be my last MT5 post for the year, I'll be taking a blogging break between Christmas and New Years, but will be back to my regular posting schedule in January!

ONE // Festive Brooches
For the past few years, I've been slowly expanding my brooch/pin collection. I was looking to add more festive options when I came across these ones at Shoppers the day I got my flu shot. They were so affordable and really look great for the price, so I got three! I couldn't decide between the nutcracker, the poinsettia and the snowflake, so I got them all! I've worn them all a few times already and am very pleased with this find! I never would have expected to find such cute pins at the pharmacy, but here we are!

TWO // The Holiday Movies That Made Us
Now that we've watched all the holiday movies, and that they are fresh in our memories, here's something a little different: a new Netflix series that delves into the making of and behind the scenes of some classic holiday movies. I've watched both available episodes and they are fascinating; I learned so many things! Some surprising, some interesting and some just outright funny. It's always fun to get a glimpse into how these favourites came to be. So much goes into making movies and the twists and turns are sure to keep you entertained. Also, if you missed it last year, the Home Alone episode was released in The Movies That Made Us. I really hope they do more movies, I'd love to learn more about the making of The Santa Clause or the Grinch with Jim Carrey!

THREE // Evergreen Cable-Knit Sweater
I actually got this sweater on clearance last Christmas and only wore it a couple times before putting it away until this festive season. For a few years now, I've been leaning towards adding more evergreen pieces to my festive wardrobe. Red will always be prominent in my Christmas outfits, but I do love a more subtle hue too. I've always loved the Old Navy cable-knit sweaters because they are such good basics. I can totally wear this shade all winter long, so that makes it more versatile and I love a good versatile basic in my closet!

FOUR // Puzzle Break
I cannot wait to start this puzzle during my Christmas break. Last year, my mom gave me a wintery scene puzzle from the same collection and I spent three days puzzling away on it. It was challenging! Turns out, she had gotten another puzzle from the same collection that she worked on last winter. Well, I really wanted to try this one too, so we traded puzzles this year. I've bee looking forward to putting this one together for a long time! Ha ha! At least I know I'll have plenty of time to dedicate to it with the whole not-going-anywhere for Christmas this year. I am living my best hermit life!

FIVE // Red Pleated Midi Skirt
Pleated midi skirts are my jam. I've loved them for years now and fully intend on owning one in every colour. They are the perfect length for me and are so easy to style and wear. The burgundy colour is my most recent addition and it was a bargain from H&M. I loved styling it in a festive way the other day and look forward to wearing it many more times!

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