25 Dec 2020

A Very Covid Christmas

Well, here we are, Christmas day 2020. We've been in a global pandemic for over a year now and we have all lived through some major upheaval whether it be emotionally, financially, or both. We've all had to adapt, sacrifice and work hand in hand to fight the good fight. Although news of a vaccine has been a beacon of hope, the battle is far from over. We will get through this, but we still have to continue putting in the work to help lessen the burden on our frontline workers. This Christmas, I am grateful more than ever for what I have and am asking for nothing more than for everybody to follow their respective guidelines and play their part in keeping everyone safe and well. Too many have already lost loved ones to this virus. Please consider their losses when planning to gather this holiday season.

I wish you all a heartfelt merry Christmas and may the magic of the season still bring you a little spark of joy to lift your spirit on what is sure to be a difficult time for many.

Bodysuit: H&M | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Brooch: Shoppers (similar) | Earrings: True Bijoux (similar) | Tights: Secret (similar) | Headband: Zara (similar) | Shoes: Old Navy (similar)

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