7 Feb 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #138

ONE // Baby Blue Cushion Cover
So back in the fall I got this adorable oak leaf cushion cover. Then I got a cushion form for said cushion cover. Seeing as I want to keep this cushion on the chair all year round, I figured I'd just swap out the cover with the seasons. I got this light blue velvet cover for winter and love how it echoes the same shade of blue in my wooden Let it Snow decoration! I always tend to miss my decorations once Christmas is over, so adding in a few wintery bits to my usual decor helps brighten things up for the colder months. I really like this cushion cover swapping method as it saves you on both space and costs.

TWO // Puzzle Woes
I finally got around to doing this cute Labs in a Truck puzzle. I'd been wanting to do it since last year, had hoped to get to it during my Christmas break, but didn't. So, I decided that that's what I'd do on my birthday. I sat and puzzled all day while listening to podcasts on a loop. It was a great puzzle and I loved putting it together. My mom had done it last year and I traded her because I also wanted to do it. Well, turns out I lost two pieces... The puzzle was only out about 48 hours, but I somehow managed to lose two pieces. My mom confirmed all pieces were there when she did it (she had the picture to prove it...) I meticulously checked the entire floor (and floor vents) with a flashlight, but never found the missing pieces. I'm convinced my dogs ate them. Seriously, they eat or swipe everything and anything that falls on the floor. They must have taken the fallen pieces without me noticing... This is the worst way to finish (or not) a puzzle.

THREE // Bamboo Bath Caddy
My husband got me a bath caddy for my birthday! I've wanted one of these for so long!!! I tested it out the other day and it's a real game changer. Let me tell you, my bath time has been levelled up! I was able to soak comfortably while watching Netflix and enjoying my morning latte. No more twisting my neck uncomfortably to watch the screen propped up on the toilet. I could totally even have snacks and a glass of wine, because there's a spot for that too! The bubble bath possibilities are now endless. 

FOUR // Land Girls
I'm very, very late to the party on this one, but it came up in my Netflix recommendations and I absolutely loved it! Land Girls follows four women who join the Women's Land Army in Great Britain during the Second World War. We follow their personal trials and tribulations against the backdrop of war. I'm always down for historical period dramas and have a particular soft spot for British ones. I binged all three seasons in one weekend, mind you the seasons are comprised of only five episodes each. This show really transported me to a different time and was great escapism. Sure, we are living through a difficult time, but watching this show reminded me of the big picture and provided perspective.

FIVE // Snowflake & Pearl Earrings
I am a sucker for classic pearl earrings. I'm also partial to silver snowflake designs. You can bet that when I spotted these beauties I had to have them! They are the perfect size; not too big, but big enough to be seen and with a decent drop. They can easily be dressed up or down. I've worn them with a Sherpa sweater and they totally worked! Basically, you can wear these all winter long as they are that versatile. Plus, I'm all about seasonal earrings (ahem, straw/rattan for summer; festive things for Christmas), so it only seems natural to get some cute winter options, right? 

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