14 Feb 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #139

ONE // V-Day Nails
I knew I'd want to give this manicure a try when I saw it on Lily's Instagram account! I love the idea of giving a seasonal twist to the classic French manicure by swapping out the white tip for a red heart-shaped one! It's classic meets trendy, I like that juxtaposition. Also, I'm just looking for fun ways to keep entertained while at home these days too. I hadn't painted my nails since Christmas, so this was the perfect style to get me out of my nail rut! I have to admit, being right-handed means the left hand looks much better than the right. I also find my tips a bit on the thicker side, so next time, I'll try to be a bit more dainty with the red. It's actually a fairly simple thing to do at home. All you need is a light pink or nude polish for the base, a red one for the tips and a top coat. That's it! I found a simple guide here to help those brave enough to try it for themselves!

TWO // Seasonal Teas
The minute I saw that David's Tea had launched a Cinnamon Heart tea, I knew I needed said tea in my life! I'm a huge fan of anything cinnamon flavoured and desperately wanted to try this new to flavour. When on the site, I ended up looking at the clearance section and added a few other flavours I'd seen and wanted to try: Bubble Gum and Rainbow Lemonade. I also added the Valentine's tin to my order for good measure. Well, all of the flavours are amazing! The Cinnamon Heart is very cinnamon-y and has a nice heat to it; the Bubble Gum smells exactly like bubble gum ice cream (you know, the blue one you used to eat as a kid) and tastes smooth and sweet; and the rainbow lemonade is fresh, fruity and zesty, I can't wait to try it as an iced tea. I've been getting into the routine of making a tea after my midday walks and they are perfect to warm up on a cold day!

THREE // Red Puffed-Sleeve Sweater
My favourite puffed-sleeve sweater now comes in red. I couldn't resist! I've been loving square necklines and the puffed sleeves are so dreamy. Also, this bright shade of red is perfection. I love a good red sweater, so adding this one to my wardrobe is just the right fit. I love how this particular sweater can be easily be dressed up and can elevate a basic sweater look. Also, it's got some major Bridgerton vibes, so I am here for it!

FOUR // Galentine's Day Afternoon Tea
Seeing as I haven't seen my aunts, mom and sister in a very long time, I thought it would be fun to set up a virtual afternoon tea so that we could all catch up and chat for a bit. We typically get together once a year to go see a show and just have a girl's weekend, but that was not possible this year. We decided to have a little Galentine's Day and it was wonderful! I had ordered a couple afternoon tea boxes to go for me and my aunt who's in town and the nibbles were delightful! Give me little tea sandwiches and macarons any day and I'm a happy girl! We ended up chatting for two hours! It was so nice "seeing everybody" and getting some much-needed girl time in. Maybe we'll have another one before long.

FIVE // Floral Sweat Set
How perfect is this matching sweatshirt and sweatpants set from Old Navy? I've been updating my loungewear this year (as one does during a pandemic) and have added this coordinated ensemble to the rotation. I mean, it's a fancy sweat-set because it has roses on it. My husband says it gives off major Beverly Goldberg vibes, but I can totally embrace that. If I'm going to be stuck at home, I might as well dress the part. Workout gear and loungewear are my new normal and I'm making the most of it. Obviously, I plan on wearing the pieces separately as well for a less in-your-face mood. I'm also looking forward to wearing this fabulous ensemble for our next campfire night post-lockdown. I'll be sure to be the best-in-show during the s'mores making portion of the evening.

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