28 Feb 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #141

ONE // KitchenAid Mixer
The week started on the right foot with a special delivery first thing Monday morning: my KitchenAid mixer has finally arrived! Rewind to last year when I  discovered my budding love of baking (who knew it only took a pandemic for that love to surface...) and I was baking everything from cookies, to brownies and even bread. Turns out, kneading bread with a hand mixer is a tall task. Not only is it hard on the arms, but you also have to steady the bowl. I am not the most coordinated nor do I have great upper body strength. The time had come for me to realize I needed a stand mixer. Truth be told, I'd wanted one for year, but could not justify the price based on the amount (or lack thereof) baking I did. My husband and I decided - after measuring the cupboard space - that we'd get one. We took advantage of the KitchenAid pre-Christmas sale as it was 40% at the time and settled on the Graphite colourway. We knew it was backordered the minute we purchased it, but were not in any actual rush. Well, I noticed my credit card was charged last week and figured it was on its way. I never got a shipping confirmation, so I was thrilled when it was delivered by 8:00 a.m. on Monday! I've already used it to make dinner rolls and it's everything I dreamed it would be. Yes, I am at the point of gushing over a kitchen appliance in my life...

TWO // Silver Padded Headband
My headband collection has grown slightly out of control and no longer fits in the vanity drawer. I had to figure out another storage solution... I was able to line them all up in a narrow basket that now lives on a closet shelf. Crisis averted! With that, I introduce the newest addition: the silver padded headband! The colour was lacking in my collection and this had to be remedied asap. Besides, I found myself wanting to wear a silver/grey headband on more than one occasion and it's the perfect muted tone to add to any holiday look and transitions seamlessly into winter. Case closed.

THREE // Waterpik
I'm actually really excited about this new addition to my oral care routine! I have a very extensive oral care routine and had been wanting a waterpik for a little while. I remember having one growing up when my brothers and I had braces. It was a big clunky thing that took up a lot of precious counter space. So, when I saw that they now had rechargeable handheld models, I was sold! I've been using it for a few days now and am totally loving it. The freshness and clean feeling post waterpik-ing is amazing. Yes, I get excited about taking care of my teeth and am not going to apologize about it!

FOUR // Navy Pleated Skirt
Pleated midi skirts are right up there with headbands when it comes to my signature style... I've got one in almost every colour, but I didn't have a navy one. That is until I got this beauty from Dynamite in the post-holiday sales! I really love the metallic sheen this particular one has and that it has a hidden elastic waistband. I can be particular about elastic waistbands on this type of skirt. I prefer a real waistband with a hidden zipper. I just don't like the scrunched up look of the elastic waistband... All that to say that this one is beautiful and has the great fit an elastic waistband provides without the eyesore. Happy it found its place in my closet, ha ha!

FIVE // Chocolate Chip Cookies
As soon as I received it, I immediately put my mixer to good use! I started the week by making herb and garlic rolls from scratch then I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I mean, I have to test out all of its abilities straight away, right? Besides, I've waited for it for a few months now so I have to make up for lost time, ha ha! I'm thinking of trying my hand at homemade perogies next. Wish me luck!

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