21 Feb 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #140

ONE // Family Day Fondue
My mom gave us a big Toblerone on Valentine's Day and we decided to melt it down to have it as a fondue the next day, which happened to be Family Day! We didn't eat it the day before because we'd gotten a fancy three-course take-out. Is there anything better than a chocolate fondue? We chopped up some fruit and also had mini donuts to dip. I mean, you could literally dip anything in chocolate and it would be delicious. We thoroughly enjoyed out decadent treat!

TWO // Cruella Trailer
Um, okay, I'm excited for this one. It feels like we haven't had a Disney live-action remake in a while (that might just be down to the pandemic warping my sense of time), but I can't wait for this! Maybe it's because we don't really know much about Cruella de Vil's backstory, which is something a little different than a straight-up remake. I'm not sure how I feel about the casting of Emma Stone as Cruella (Glenn Close is hard to beat!), but I'm open to seeing how she interprets the character. We also don't get much on the Disney villains, so it'll be interesting from that perspective as well.

THREE // Snowshoeing
I decided to take an extra couple days off this week just to relax and it was great. My husbands and I even went snowshoeing one afternoon! It's a great outdoor activity that you can do almost anywhere and remain socially distanced. We went out on a Wednesday and didn't cross paths with anyone, just a couple squirrels! Ha ha! We had just gotten a snowstorm the previous day so we had fresh, deep, fluffy snow to trek in! Any excuse to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine is a great moral boost these days. 

FOUR // Morocco: Love in Times of War
I have been watching so much more television this past year and am currently on a Spanish series kick. It all started with Cable Girls and has evolved since then. The most recent series I finished was Morocco: Love in Times of War about nurses going to Melilla, North Africa to set up a hospital during the Rif War in the 1920s. The series is a mix of love, war, biases, history(ish) and all done in a classic telenovela style full of over-the-top drama!

FIVE // Camel Winter Coat
I'd been on the search for a great camel winter coat for a few years now and finally snagged the perfect wrap version at Zara this past fall. I'm a sucker for a good A-line wrap coat and the big lapels are so statement worthy. This is such a great basic to have and I'm sure I'll be wearing it for years to come! Truth be told, I haven't worn it much because I'm not going anywhere these days... That hasn't stopped me from popping it one for an outfit pic here and there, haha! Hopefully, I get more wear out of it next fall/winter. 

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