3 Oct 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #168

ONE // 
Cognac Booties
I had been lusting over these booties since the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale... They were not available when the sale went live in Canada and I couldn't shop the U.S. site, so I missed out. I also missed out on a very similar pair from Banana Republic that same year because I waited too long and my size sold out. Long story short, I kept missing out on the perfect cognac booties. Fortunately, my luck changed when I found the booties on clearance this fall at the Bay. I scooped them up right away and am so happy I found them! They fit like a dream and the shade is the perfect cognac; not too orange, not too brown. I plan on wearing these over and over this fall.

TWO // Pastry Mat
Since becoming a full-fledged baker during the pandemic, I've been wanting kitchen accessories I never knew existed. I present to you the pastry mat. What is a pastry mat, you say? Well, it's this amazing non-slip mat that lays on your counter on which you roll out various doughs. It protects your countertops and provides a non-slip, non-stick surface perfect for rolling dough or kneading bread. It also comes with different pie-size markings and graduated sides to help roll your crust to the perfect size, or cut your dough in even sizes. It works like a dream! For storage, I simply roll it around my rolling pin to avoid creasing it. I'm not sure how I ever rolled my doughs directly on the counter.

THREE // Brooch
We recently lost a much-loved family member. It was sudden and happened quickly. The celebration of life was this past weekend and a few heirlooms were distributed. My husband got to pick a piece for me from a jewelry collection. There was a selection of beautiful pieces, but he chose this stunning gold and ruby brooch. He knows me so well! There is nothing I love more than vintage brooches. I find them so charming and full of history. It's a very special addition to my brooch collection. I will cherish this piece for the rest of my life and always have a special thought for the uncle that gave it to me. Who knows, I might be able to pass it down to another family member myself one day. 

FOUR // Checked Skirt
Ah, the checked mini skirt in a neutral colour palette, the illusive perfect fall garment. I have a few skirts in a similar style, but really loved this black and brown one from H&M. It's the perfect addition to my wardrobe and will work for almost any quintessential fall look. You really can't go wrong with a classic checked skirt at this time of year. It will even transition well into the festive season and beyond. Good basics are good for a reason!

Um, ok we finally have a title and a release date for the third instalment of the Fantastic Beats series! This one has been a long time coming and has hit a few snags along the way, but we are almost there. The title is very intriguing and speculations about what the story could actually be. Will it pertain to Credence (who, it was revealed, is a Dumbledore) or will it have to do with the most beloved Dumbledore of them all, Albus? Who knows! But all the speculating is bringing me back to the good old Potter days when we had to wait between books and movies, so we spent our time speculating on every potential little detail. I can't wait to get an actual trailer to sink my teeth in! All in all, April 15, 2022 can't come quick enough!

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