17 Oct 2021

Mimi Takes Five - # 170

ONE // 
We are in it, the pinnacle of fall! The point at which the leaves are at their most beautiful and I am loving every moment of it. I'm making sure to slow down and take it all in while I can because the moment is so ephemeral. I take time to just stare out the window at the red and gold trees every chance I get and it makes me smile. Before we know it, the leaves will have all fallen and the trees will be left barren until the snow arrives. Just seizing the day, over here!

TWO // Ghost T-Shirt
Another season, another graphic t-shirt! I can't resist cute graphic t-shirts and Old Navy always delivers in that department. I got a couple fall/Halloween graphic t-shirts last year and I love them, so I got another one this year. This one is more subtle as it's a white t-shirt with a little ghost embroidery on the top left that says, "What up Boo?" I mean, how could I resist? My style is definitely more cutesy than spooky this time of year and this shirt fits right into my aesthetic. Graphic t-shirts are such an easy way of showing off a bit of seasonal spirit without having to go all out.

THREE // Circle Puzzle
Last weekend, I took the time to do another puzzle. I try to carve out time for this activity on long weekends or on days I want to just relax. Nothing makes me relax or takes my mind off things quite like a puzzle does. This particular one was interesting and challenging in different ways as it was circular. I'll admit, it does have a bit of a cheat built in as there are letters on the back of each piece indicating in which section it belongs. I therefore sorted the pieces by letter and tackled one wedge at a time. I'd never seen a puzzle like this before, but it was a nice change. Maybe I'll try to overlook the letters next time and try the hard way. We'll see!

FOUR // Bat Pyjamas
I got these pyjamas the minute I saw them pop up on the Old Navy website back in July. I love a good seasonal pyjama set and this one is perfect for Halloween! It's a very bright orange, but I don't mind that. Colour doesn't scare me, ha ha! I'm also loving the bat print. They are more cute than scary, so that works for me. They are very comfortable, though I did find the bottoms stretch out a bit. Not the worst thing. I've really been enjoying wearing them for cozy evenings in, watching fall movies.

FIVE // Outlander, Season 6
The teaser for season 6 of Outlander has been released! If you've been following for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of the series and am halfway (at least almost) through reading the books. As is typical with Outlander, there is always a substantial period of time between season releases, so I'm thrilled that the sixth one is coming out in early 2022. Not much longer. Maybe I'll be on book 5 by then? Slowly but surely catching up. Perhaps season 7 will be the first season I'll watch after reading its respective book. We'll see!

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