24 Oct 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #171

ONE // Spider Headband
This is my spookiest accessory yet! I just love how it toes the line between scary/creepy and cute. Ha ha! Also, it's a headband, which is right on brand for me. I've never been the biggest fan of spiders, but I couldn't pass up this headband! It's so unexpected and really makes you take a double take when you spot it on someone's head. I can just imagine what a hit this would be for a primary teacher! It's also the most perfect thing to wear without being a full-on costume, but totally in the spirit of the season. Sadly, I got it on clearance last year and have been waiting forever to actually wear it. It's a very season-specific piece.

TWO // October Ipsy
My October Ipsy glam bag arrived and it was full of great skincare products and a few everyday make-up basics. I'm loving the two cleansers and the face scrub. The make-up removing wipes are just okay. They'd be good for travelling, when you can do with a less intense cleanse. The Tatcha moisturizer and liquid liner are both great! I'm also liking the highlighter, although a little goes a long way. The product I'm least excited about is the primer. The texture just felt off to me... All in all, I'd say this month's line-up is pretty good!

THREE // Moody Mani
I decided to paint my nails the other day and went all out! I opted for a deep burgundy shade (V-Amplified) and then did a French manicure style tip with a glittery brown hue (Spice Age). It's my moody take on the classic nail for fall. I'm actually really loving the way it turned out. It's very subtle as the colours are so similar, yet give off a slight spooky vibe. Maybe I'll keep using this formula by switching out the colours for different seasons and occasions. I'm very pleased with this moody manicure!

FOUR //Candy Corn Earrings
I'm a huge fan of cute seasonal earrings and had been on the lookout for some candy corn ones since last year. I ended up scouring Etsy until I found the ones I preferred. I landed on a glass bead option and was looking for a style that would most closely resemble actual candy corn in both shape, size and colour. These are handmade, so all unique. I absolutely love my little candy corn earrings! Wearing them is such a simple way of adding a bit of Halloween flair to any look, really.

FIVE // Countdown to Christmas
It's here! The most wonderful time of the year, that is! I know it's not even Halloween yet, but Hallmark is up to its usual tricks and the official Countdown to Christmas started on Friday with You, Me & the Christmas Trees. Being the Hallmark Christmas movie fan that I am, I've already printed my checklists as to not miss any new movies this year. You can find the Countdown to Christmas schedule here and the Miracles of Christmas line-up here. I will be sitting on my couch with a hot cup of tea every weekend up until Christmas. 'Tis the season! 

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