28 Nov 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #175

ONE // 
Christmas Tea Subscription
I received the last box of my yearly David's Tea subscription. What a ride it has been! As much as I loved the subscription, I've actually got more tea than I can drink... My tea cupboard is overflowing (not a complaint, just an observation) and I've got a great varie(tea) of flavours, but I think I need a bit of a break. I just can't keep up, ha ha! All that to say that the flavours in the Christmas box are delightful. I've got a few classics and some new ones I can't wait to try. However, I think the best bit is the glitter tea tumbler! I can't get over how cute it is and will be putting it to good use this holiday season. If you are a tea fanatic like me, I would highly recommend this subscription box. Also, they have a pay-as-you-go option, so you can sign up for one box at a time. I just might sign up for one or two in the next year. We'll see what kind of a dent I manage to make in my stash...

TWO // Christmas CEO
I got to do some background work on yet another Hallmark Christmas movie this year: Christmas CEO. It premiered on Friday night and my aunt had us over for a little festive viewing party. We had pizza, popcorn and even a little hot chocolate bar. I saw myself in two scenes! It was so fun watching it with family and getting all excited when we spotted me on the screen. It's such a surreal feeling to see oneself in a movie on TV. Sure, it wasn't a bit role, but the excitement is just as much off the charts! Hopefully, this becomes a little tradition of mine. I now have two Hallmark Christmas movies under my belt, ha ha! 

THREE // Fresh Hair Cut
It's been a minute since I set foot in a salon to get a hair cut. I think the last time was in March 2021. Lot's has changed since then because my sister (aka the best hairdresser ever!) has moved and no longer works at the salon... I was able to get by all this time by just colouring my roots here and there but my hair had gotten extremely long. I needed a hair cut and couldn't put it off any longer, ha! I called up the salon and booked an appointment with one of the other stylists. It felt so nice to be back in the salon and get pampered, but it was bitter-sweet because it was the first time in probably 12 years that someone other than my sister was doing my hair. Everything went well and I had a great time, but mostly I feel so much lighter!

FOUR // Velvet Hair Bows
I discovered Grace and Grandeur on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous velvet hair bows she creates. They are absolutely swoon-worthy and I've been lusting over them since last Christmas. I finally took the plunge and ordered three a few weeks ago. I was thrilled when they arrived and I got to see the craftsmanship up close. I mean, these beauties are the perfect accessory for any and all holiday looks and beyond. I got the burgundy and navy Judy as well as the red Alice. I'm already eyeing a few other colours... These bows are the perfect addition to my hair accessory stash and will be sure to get a lot of wear. A velvet hair bow can be dressed up or down and is sure to add just the right touch of polish to all your looks. Give me all the bows!!!

FIVE // November Ipsy
The November Ipsy is here and I'm OK with its contents. First off, I'm loving the festive green velvet pouch with fuchsia lining; very nice! However, I'm a little divided on my love for the products. I'm a fan of the KP Bump Eraser (but I've used, loved and talked about this product before, so that one was a given). I also love the Tula pads (another favourite brand), the Marc Jacobs mascara is great and the moisturizer is nice and light. Now on to the iffy ones. I generally like the Context nail polishes, but sadly this one is not the colour for me... I'll try to give it to someone who will love it. The eyeshadow palette has potential. The end colours are great, it's the glittery black shade that seems to go all over the place. I'll try using it wet to see if that contains the particles a bit better. Lastly is the tea tree mask. I had high hopes for this one as I love a good mask, but I found the texture a bit gritty and some particles were hard to wash off. I liked the way it left my face feeling clean, so it's just not my favourite texture. All in all it was an OK glam bag, they can't always all be winners!

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