7 Nov 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #172

ONE // Sheertex
Confession: I love wearing tights, but I always dread pulling or ripping them. It's a double-edged sword. I tend to fare better with tights than nylons, but I still find myself being extra careful when wearing them only to snag or pull them. I would end up buying a few pairs every season and always had a back-up new pair in the drawer just in case. I'd heard of Sheertex tights, but was skeptical. Finally, I decided to give them a go this fall. I started with one pair of classic black sheer tights before getting more because they are an investment. I got them very quickly and have worn them 8 times already and not one little snag! They send you a little sample with your order so that you can put it to the test. I tested with a rough finger nail, my ring and just sheer strength to rip them. I handed the sample to my husband and told him to do his worst. Nothing. Even the dog's claws have nothing on these tights. He then felt a smidge better about the cost, ha ha! I mean, when you add up the cost of the multiple thrown-away pairs each year, it makes sense. If I never have to worry about my tights ever again, I will gladly spend $100 per pair. The cost-per-wear will definitely be more than worth it. I'm thinking of getting a nude pair next. Theses tights have seriously been a revelation!  

TWO // Hogwarts Tournament of Houses
I'd been hearing about this show for a little while now, but it has been confirmed! It's a Harry Potter quiz show hosted by Helen Mirren where the four houses battle it out to win the cup. There will be plenty of guest appearances throughout and I'm hoping to see some of the actors pop up here and there. It will be a four-night event, beginning on November 28 where houses will battle head to head in a bracket-style competition. First up will be Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff. I'll be rooting for my own house, Ravenclaw!

THREE // Layering Turtlenecks
For as long as I can remember, I've loved wearing turtlenecks as base layers to my cold-weather looks. Perhaps it's a lingering habit from growing up in the 90s... I'm always cold and turtlenecks are a great way of adding a layer without too much bulk. Seeing as I usually wear them underneath another piece of clothing, I tend to look for thinner turtlenecks in solid colours for maximum versatility. I found these great basics at RW&CO last year and love them! I keep coming back for more and added an ivory and muted purple to my collection. Let the layering begin!

FOUR // Winter Yard Prep
We finally got around to finishing up the yardwork in preparation for winter. A few weeks ago, I dealt with all the potted plants, composting the plant matter and emptying the earth from our clay pots. I then gave them a good hose-down and let them dry. It rained for about a week and then we had Halloween weekend, so finishing up only happened yesterday. We actually took everything out of the shed to sort, organize and get rid of the trash before putting it all away. It was a job that needed doing and we thought it would be better to tackle it now than in the spring. The only big job left is setting up the boat tempo, but that will be for another day. We (hopefully) still have time before it snows. I always feel relieved when this job is done because it always feels like a race against nature.

FIVE // Fall Nap Dresses
Back in September, I snagged these two Nap Dresses from the University collection and have been wearing them all season long! The Burgundy Botanical shade is so rich and is absolutely stunning in person. While it's the same print as the white and pink botanical, it has a very different overall look. I've always loved burgundy and find it's a great colour to wear in the fall and it can take you right into the holidays. The second dress is the Plum Floral Jacquard. I'm happy I got my hands on this one because it sold out instantly and very seldomly pops up on the site. First off, purple is my favourite colour and the fabric is gorgeous. It's a heavier fabric that makes it the ultimate fall/winter layering piece. Also, the jacquard weave means that the underside of the fabric is the reverse, so even when sitting or walking, the sway of the dress looks good from every angle. These recent additions have just fuelled my love for this dress and I don't see it letting off anytime soon... I still have a link for 20% off your first purchase, just in case you're wanting to get your very own Nap Dress.

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