21 Nov 2021

Mimi Takes Five - #174

ONE // Advent Calendar
I usually get the David's Tea 24 Days of Tea advent calendar, but figured that I'd be getting the new festive flavours in my seasonal subscription box so decided not to get it this year. It was a hard decision as I've been getting it for the past six years! That being said, I still wanted an advent calendar. I didn't hesitate to get La Boîte à bonbons one the minute it became available for pre-purchase. I've had this one before and it is the best! The candies are so fresh and delicious. Plus, there's usually enough in every daily pack to share, so my husband also gets to taste test the goods. I can't wait to dig into the deliciousness that awaits us!

TWO // A New Era
Ohh, the trailer for the second Downton Abbey movie has dropped and it looks so good! I spot a wedding scene and it has to be Tom Branson and Lucy! I'm so excited to see Tom finally move on and get a happy ending. I'm also curious about the plot of inheriting a villa in the south of France; this promises to be a great adventure. I recently binged the entire series in a rewatch (now that it's on Netflix again) and I'm in a full on Downton mode. Now that I've refreshed my memory, I am so ready for the second movie! Also, bring on the Dowager's witty comebacks, they are epic!

THREE // Harry Potter Reunion
Here is something to look forward to in the new year: the 20th anniversary Harry Potter reunion! The actors of the original trio will reunite for the first time in a long time along with many more of the actors who took part in the movie franchise. Being the Potter head that I am, I am delighted with this news. We've been getting lots of fun little surprises this year to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of the first movie so I am soaking it all in. Also, really looking forward to watching the game show that starts next week! So much Potter content and I am here for it!

FOUR // Fresh Puppy Cut
This week has been a hard one, to say the least. Weeks ago, we had booked both dogs for a grooming on Friday. Not only did we have to cancel one of the appointments, but Toulouze had to go to her grooming alone for the first time ever. The dogs always went to their appointments together, so this was an extra layer of anxiety during a very stressful time. The groomers were amazing and she did really well! When we picked her up, they had even made us a Christmas ornament with some of her fur. The gesture was so sweet and unexpected but bitter sweet at the same time as we would have gotten one from Rocket too... I had already been thinking of getting a memento ornament for Rocket and this only confirmed it. So, we'll do that.

FIVE // Xmas Cards
Last weekend, I had a mild panic because I hadn't yet started making my Christmas cards. Hand making, designing and writing my cards can be a lengthy process and I like to give myself plenty of time. I always aim to send them out at the beginning of December. I got crafting on Saturday and made four. Then, I managed to make another four on Sunday and four more on the Monday bringing me to the halfway point in the creating process. I haven't touched them since then because my heart's not been in it since Rocket's passing. I'll try to muster up the energy to at least get a few done this weekend. They might be sent out a bit later this year, but I'll get around to finishing them. 

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