3 Feb 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #235

ONE // Cardinal Puzzle
My mom gave me this beautiful puzzle a few months ago and I finally took the time to assemble it. I love puzzling and found myself with some free time this past Sunday, so decided to crack open the box. It's only a 500 piece (and the pieces are bigger), so it didn't take me quite as long, but the image is simply stunning! It actually felt very calming and I found myself very much in the zone. I was connecting pieces at a steady rhythm so it was a very relaxing process. I completed it in two evenings and it was the ideal thing to occupy my time on two dark winter nights. I can't wait to do this one again at some point, I enjoyed it that much!

TWO // Silver Hair Claw
Last summer, I got a straw-wrapped metal hair claw and love it! I started wearing a big hair claw again and liked experimenting with different ways of styling my hair with it. Once fall came around, I stopped wearing the straw hair claw as it was no longer seasonal. The other day, I happened upon the exact same style of hair claw, but this one was silver. I scooped it up right away and started wearing it again. It's nice to have another option that is good for year-round wear. This particular style has a good weight to it and a strong hold, good for a decent amount of hair. I'm very happy with it! 

THREE // Valentine's Mani
I got a little carried away and gave myself a Valentine's manicure. I had tried this concept a few years ago and loved it. It's a twist on a French manicure, but you make the tip look heart-shaped. I decided on doing a blush-pink base coat and bright red tips. This time around my nails are quite short, so the effect is not ideal. I also need to work on my precision when it comes to getting the tips just right. Let's just say, I won't be showing you my right hand... Another tip for you - wait until the red tips are completely dry and then wait some more. I made the mistake of going in with the clear top coat when I thought the tips were dry only to then create red streaks on my (almost) perfect nails. While the heart shape is a bit clearer up close, from afar they just look like less-than-perfect French tips. Well, I tried it. Maybe I'll have better luck next time, ha!

FOUR // Turtleneck Duo
I'm on a real turtleneck kick lately and I've been adding new colours to my collection. I already have navy and blush Zara turtlenecks with pearl button detailing and wanted more. They are a good thickness while remaining thin enough to layer. I adore wearing them under my Nap Dresses because the pearl/button detailing is not lost. I was hoping to add a bright white version to my wardrobe and ended up also getting this beautiful burgundy one. While these have gold buttons on the wrists instead of pearls, they are still super cute. I find turtlenecks to be my closet's MVPs in the cold months because they can be added to almost any outfit to create more warmth without adding too much bulk. I wear them under almost all sleeveless dresses, I wear them under quilted or faux-fur vests, I wear them under blazers and sweaters and even just on their own. It's worth investing in a few solid-coloured turtlenecks to add to your winter wardrobe. You'll be reaching for them more than you think!

FIVE // Hallmark Wedding Veil Series
While it's no secret that I'm a Hallmark movie fan, I concede that not all movies are great. With that being said, there is a movie every now and then that sticks with me. This is the case for a specific series: The Wedding Veil. The series started as a trilogy in 2022. The story focuses on three friends who happen to find a lace wedding veil in an antique shop and purchase it once hearing about its legend. Each movie focuses on one of the friends and her respective journey with the veil. I had absolutely loved following this series last year and it helps that I also like the three main actresses: Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney. I was thrilled to find out that Hallmark was releasing a further three movies, following the same formula, this year! The story continues and follows each friend one by one. These are the perfect movies to watch in February as the theme is very much love and weddings. Keep your eyes peeled as I'm sure they will be replaying all month long.

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