20 Feb 2023

Wine & Plum

Sticking with a tried and true outfit formula: the Nap Dress with a turtleneck. It's a winning layering combo and I am not giving up on it just yet. I opted to pair my plum jacquard dress with burgundy for a warm, jewel-tone colour palette. Sure, the shades are close, but different enough to provide contrast and not be a monochromatic look. I actually like how the under layer is burgundy and then I cinched it all in with the matching belt in the upper layer of the outfit. It gives the look proportion, yet consistency. This isn't a usual colour palette, but I do like purple and burgundy together. Might wear it more often.

Dress: Hill House (similar) | Turtleneck: Zara (similar) | Belt: Banana Republic (similar) | Earrings: (gift) (similar) | Headband: Romwe (similar) | Boots: Giorgio Costa (similar)

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