8 Dec 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #278

ONE // Christmas Concert
We got tickets to go see Damien Robitaille's Christmas concert. He was in town for one night only and I'm so pleased we got tickets! I've never laughed so hard during a Christmas concert! Damien is such an entertainer and kept us laughing from start to finish. Not only did we get some Christmas classics, but we also got some of his original festive songs along with an epic medley of some of his more popular songs from his pandemic features. The coordination of this guy is unmatched - he's alone one stage (during the medley) and plays the piano, the drums, the harmonica and sings all at the same time! I never expected the entire auditorium to get up and dance the Macarena during a Christmas concert, yet there we were. We got everything from Elvis to the Chipmunks with a dash of Britney and Shakira with features of Coolio and Charlebois. I mean, this show had it all! My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much and my foot didn't stop tapping for a second. It was the most entertaining and energizing show I'd been to in a while!

TWO // Velvet Nap Dress
Hill House dropped some gorgeous velvet Nap Dresses in the fall of 2021. I didn't get one at that point because I really wanted the tartan ones and they were more affordable. However, I never forgot about the burgundy velvet Akilah... Fast-forward to the summer of 2023 when I happened upon one in my size, new with tags on a resell site! I snapped it up right away and knew it would be my Christmas dress this year. I didn't know what Hill House would drop in their Christmas collection yet at the time, but I already had three tartan dresses, so knew I wouldn't be getting another. Once the collection dropped in October of this year, I didn't absolutely want any of the designs so was even more pleased with my new-to-me velvet Akilah! It's the most beautiful burgundy hue, super soft, catches the light just so and has gorgeous movement. So happy I finally got my hands on it, it was worth the wait!

THREE // Hair Update
I went to the salon the other day for a maintenance appointment. I did talk to my stylist about how I could mitigate the appearance of my regrowth and we decided to stick with the same hair colour we've been doing and to just use a root touch up powder for those couple weeks when they get more obvious. Nothing to do other than stopping growing white hairs and we all know I can't do that, ha ha! My white hairs are just very bright and obvious, so trying to temporarily cover them is the best option. I did get lots of red and copper tinsel, though. 'Tis the season to sparkle, so I really went for it!

FOUR // Winter is Here!
Well, it would appear that winter has arrived for good this time. We've had a few snowfalls this year, but nothing that really stuck. This past week, we finally woke up to a good fall of at least 10-15 cm. It was deep enough that the dog needed me to shovel her a path in the back yard. All signs are pointing to the snow staying this time. It's always nice waking up to a winter wonderland. I can't get enough of looking at all the trees and houses nestled in a blanket of bright white snow - it's so magical! Seeing that it's December now, I'm all for the winter to settle in and give us a white Christmas.

FIVE // Gingerbread Cushion Cover
I think I've already said it, but this year, I'm all about the gingerbread aesthetic for the holidays. The quirky, nostalgic, cozy vibes totally appeal to me. The gingerbread colour and the white icing outlines scream "festive" to me and I'm leaning into it hard this season. It's a bit of an underrated holiday aesthetic and I really want to incorporate it into my personal style. One element I added to my home décor this year is this gingerbread house cushion cover. I actually bought it last winter and couldn't wait to use it this Christmas. It's the standard size I get for the one cushion that I swap out with the seasons. It's such a perfect addition!

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