22 Dec 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #280

ONE // Tartan Bows
I missed out on them last year, but was determined to get myself some plaid Grace & Grandeur bows this year. I almost skipped out on them again, but am so happy I didn't! I ended up getting a red tartan Clara (as I've been loving this oversized style), a black tartan Lucy and even gave in to a new style matte satin Florance in Plaza Pink (I can't resist an Eloise reference). I didn't have a bright, bubblegum-pink bow so decided to fill that void, ha ha! I love each and every one of them. The hard part is actually finding outfits to wear my plaid bows with as most of my holiday looks already include a plaid piece... Can one actually own too many plaid pieces in one's wardrobe? On second thought, don't answer that! I am determined to wear my pretty bows and will find ways!

TWO // Peppermint Bark
When your favourite local chocolate place releases their peppermint bark, you run to the nearest location and stock up! Hummingbird Chocolate has been a favourite in this household for many years and we always have some bars in stock. However, I absolutely adore their peppermint bark and look forward to enjoying it every Christmas season. I got my pack early this year so that I could enjoy it throughout the month. It really is the perfect blend of milk chocolate with refreshing crushed candy cane bits. The perfect delectable treat for every peppermint lover in your life!

THREE // Festive Pyjamas
I'm a big fan of cozy pyjamas and can't resist a cute festive print. I'm always cold, so like the fleece fabrics. In the last five years or so, I've been a big fan of the Giant Tiger offerings. The selection is great and they are super affordable. I've gotten into the habit of getting my new Christmas pyjamas there. I skipped getting a new one last year, but was really wanting a new set for this year. I landed on the grey with little red birds, matching berry bunches and tiny snowflakes. I like that it's a subtle festive print, making it easy to wear all winter long - it's so soft and cozy! I'm planning on getting lots of wear out of it during my Christmas break!

FOUR // Seasonal Bath Bombs
Ah, bath season is well underway and with the holidays in full swing, the need for a relaxing bath is ever increasing. I stocked up on some holiday bath bombs to keep me going through my Christmas break. I got a magical santa, a snow dragon, a catch me if you can gingerbread man and a snow drift. Nothing forces me to relax like a warm, bubbly bath with a book or movie. Sometimes, I need to convince myself to take the time to have a nice bath. I'm always happy when I do and never regret a relaxing soak. I plan on really taking the time during my break. Baths are the bomb (with or without a bath bomb!)

FIVE // Statement Earrings
When you randomly happen upon a more subdued version of an item worn by the Princess of Wales, you take notice. These chance findings are a sign, and I pay attention. I just so happened to have a gift card for Simons and found these while browsing the jewelry section. They immediately put me in mind of the Zara showstoppers worn by Catherine on the BAFTAs red carpet. These are nowhere near the same size (or likely weight) of the Zara originals, but they capture their essence. I can see myself wearing these a lot more than I would the Zara earrings. In my opinion, they are still very much statement earrings that would look great in formal settings, or just on days I'm feeling a little extra. I love finding little treasures like these!

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