1 Dec 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #277

ONE // 24 Days of Tea
I skipped it last year, but decided to get myself the David's Tea 24 Days of Tea advent calendar again this year. It has been my go-to advent calendar for years and I really missed it last year. I'm looking forward to trying new flavours and rediscovering favourites from past years. Festive flavours are some of my favourites (peppermint, spices, citrus and fruity), so I'll be glad to change up my daily cuppa. It's the best way to get an assortment of teas. After all, varie-tea is the spice of life, am I right? Happy first day of advent, the countdown is on!

TWO // Christmas Decorating
I decided to deck the halls this past weekend and it has really given me an endorphin boost! Putting up my Christmas decorations just brings me so much joy. While I spent the better part of a day hauling boxes from my basement and setting out all the different festive touches, the best part is when evening settles-in and I get to turn on all the lights. Nothing gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling like the magical effect of Christmas lights. It takes me right back to my Christmases as a kid and fills me with childlike wonder. I felt a bit of pressure this year as the day I planned on decorating, our friend invited us to join them at the Christmas parade that evening. I ended up having a couple hours to spare before the parade, but I wasn't sure I'd make for a second... I rallied and got it all done!

THREE// Christmas Creamer
I just finished my last Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer in time for December and already had the next flavour lined up! I love the Peppermint Mocha creamer from International Delight. To be fair, I love the combination of peppermint and chocolate, so this flavour is my festive choice. I also like gingerbread and egg nog flavours, but they just don't win out over peppermint. Give me candy cane bark any day! I remember when I was teen, I used to put a peppermint tea bag in my hot chocolate. So good! Now I'm more into making myself some tea lattes with loose leaf tea. My favourite being Candy Cane Crush from David's Tea. So you see, I'm a peppermint girl through and through.

FOUR // Santa Parade
We actually went to the Santa parade this past weekend. I used to go to it every year with my aunt for a bit, but it has been a while since the last time. Our friend texted me the morning of the parade asking for details and we decided to tag along. They have kids, so it was fun seeing the magic through their eyes! It was bitterly cold, so the wait was a bit long. We also had the dog in tow and she was very stressed at the commotion and kids running everywhere... So she spent the entire time in my arms. At least we were keeping each other warm! In hindsight, she would have been much happier to have stayed home. All in all it was a great parade and made for a long day of Christmas activities!

FIVE // B&BW Gingerbread Bag
Last year, I had fallen in love with the Kate Spade gingerbread house bag. I was shopping with my mom and sister and my sister was adamant that there was no bag out there that was more "me." She's right, this bag was the embodiment of my style! It was pricey, so I didn't buy it in store that day and was going to wait for the Black Friday sales. Well, when those sales came, the bag was already out of stock. I had spotted a few on Poshmark, but they were even more expensive than in store, so I made peace with the fact I lost my chance. I have been thinking about this bag on and off for the past year. So, when I spotted this adorable gingerbread bag at Bath and Body Works, I snapped it up. It is nowhere near the same quality or craftsmanship of the designer model, but the essence is the same. While mushrooms were my literal fall aesthetic this year, I sense that gingerbread will be my festive one...

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