5 Jan 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #282

ONE // 2024 Planner
The start of a new year means a fresh planner for me! I'm still very much old-school and use a physical planner. I like it. During my year-end break, I always take the time to set up my new planner. I organized all the important bits I can ahead of time like appointments, birthdays, pay days and the like. It takes a bit of time, but it saves me time down the line and makes it really easy to get the big picture on the monthly pages. I'm visual and like to plan things, so a colour-coded planner really helps with that. I've been using the exact same one for years and just buy the refill every year. I get the Franklin Covey - Monticello-Compact. It's the format and layout I prefer, so I've stuck with it. I also keep all of my past years for some reason. I feel it's a bit like a diary or time capsule of some kind. It might be interesting to look through again when I'm older, who knows? Having a fresh planner always makes going back to work a little easier and helps me get back into the familiarity of my routines.

TWO // Wonka
We treated ourselves to a movie date on New Year's Day and it truly was a treat! I'd been wanting to see Wonka and this was the perfect thing to do on a quiet day off. I've always loved the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder. I don't think I've ever seen the Tim Burton remake (and will have to rectify that!) What intrigued me the most about this movie is that it's Willy's origin story. This is not a remake! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this movie - it was whimsical from start to finish, just how I like it. I must say, the cast is as varied and known as they come. I watch a lot of British television shows and recognized actors from at least five different shows. I'm talking Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, Broadchurch, The Windsors, Mr. Bean, Paddington and even from Two and a Half Men. And that's not even mentioning everything Hugh Grant has been in! It was quite the cast and I loved that! I also really appreciate the thought that went into creating a back story - even if it was giving me major Annie vibes and slight Les Misérables (with Olivia Coleman as Mme Thénardier). I have a soft spot for musicals and this one delivered. I'm even looking forward to listening to this particular movie in French as one of my friends is the signing voice of Wonka! How cool is that? My only critique is more of the cinema experience rather than of the movie. I found myself really wanting to eat chocolate during the viewing (naturally) and thought it was a missed opportunity to sell a mini box of Wonka specific chocolates to enjoy during the movie. I would have been all over that! It was seriously such a great movie, I highly recommend!

My husband really surprised me with my Christmas gift this year. He got me the pure silver Queen Elizabeth II tribute coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. While I figured the Mint had undoubtedly created commemorative coins for QEII, it never occurred to me to look into it. So this was a complete surprise! This black rhodium plated coin features the Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II, which was the most recognizable symbol of her seventy-year reign. The obverse features all four of QEII's effigies used on Canadian coins since 1953. The small details all hold special symbolism such as a tiny Tudor rose, the beaded frame that mimics the adornments on the St. Edward's Crown, the double dates that bookend her reign and the black rhodium as a symbol of mourning. I was truly moved by this gift and never expected to have my own rare keepsake of QEII. My husband knows me so well!

FOUR // Eleven
It was my little winter doggie's birthday this week and she turned 11! She might be small and still acts like a puppy, but she is very much a mature dog. She's still very active and loves nothing more than going for walks. Just the suggestion of going for a walk makes her shake with excitement - it's the cutest thing! How could I not take her out on walks when that's how she reacts? I love that I can do something that brings her so much joy. Little miss is quite the fan of playing fetch and will bring us her trusty pompom (or any other toy) anytime she wants to play. She's also a very big snuggler and will be glued to my side all day long if she could. We call her our little barnacle! She fills our lives with so much love on the daily and I hope she feels the same towards us. 

FIVE // Festive Focaccia
Over the holidays, I ended up baking things to bring to family gatherings. I opted for more savoury dishes as I knew there'd be plenty of sweet options. For Christmas Eve, I had made a coronation quiche. This is a dish I made for my coronation viewing and really enjoyed it, so wanted to make it again. It was just as tasty as I remembered! Then, for another gathering a few days later, I decided to make a focaccia with a festive twist. Ever since I discovered how to make focaccia, I've been making it all the time. It's the perfect base bread to get creative with the toppings. I've tried so many different toppings and they've always turned out. I like changing the flavours to go with the seasons, so naturally, I thought that cranberries and rosemary would be perfect flavours for the holidays! Guess what? It totally worked and was a real crowd pleaser. My husband cut it up into strips, making it easy to grab just the right-sized piece to go with your festive dinner. I'll definitely be making this combo again, it was so good! P.S. I used fresh rosemary and cranberries that I cut into halves. That's it! 

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