26 Jan 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #285

ONE // Basic Black
I have this thing where I have a hard time spending full price on workout wear. I don't know why that is, it's just a pattern I've noticed. It's a bit irrational as my workout clothing probably gets the most wear out of my entire closet! Pyjamas are in a close second. Incidentally, I feel the same when buying pyjamas. Based on cost-per-wear alone, I could be spending so much more on these items, yet I like getting them on sale. All that to say that I've needed a pair of plain black leggings for a while now to replace the pair that I literally wore through. I have also recently thrown out my black sports bra because the elastic was shot. It just never seemed a priority and I finally decided to consciously replace those two much-worn items. Both the leggings and sports bra are from Old Navy and, yes, I got both on sale.

TWO // Beaver Tails
Beaver Tails are high up on my list of delectable treats! It doesn't get more Canadian than enjoying a warm and sugary Beaver Tails while skating along the Rideau Canal. Living in Ottawa, I'm lucky enough to get to enjoy both of those things to my heart's content. The canal actually opened up for the season last Sunday. It was a big deal seeing as it never got cold enough for it to open at all last year... I did not go skating yet, but I did get to enjoy my first Beaver Tail of the season as they were handing them out for free on campus this week because it's one of the activities for Wellness Week. I do feel much better after enjoying my little treat! 

THREE // January Ipsy
This is my first Ipsy bag since October. I decided to skip a few months as I wasn't loving the bag designs and didn't need more products. Being able to skip a month is a feature I really like from my Ipsy subscription - it gives me more flexibility. That being said, I'm pleased with this month's bag design. I like lilac and sequins, so this one is perfect, in my opinion.

Now for the products. I got a cleanser from my favourite brand and a new moisturizer, so that's a plus. I go through cleansers and moisturizers rapidly, so am always happy to get more. Both are great! I then got a black eyeliner, but this one is a pencil. I found it to be smudgy and hard to apply. That might be on me as I'm far more conformable using liquid liner, but I did find this pencil composition to be softer than expected. Would be perfect if you are looking for the smudged eye liner look. I do like the mascara, it's lightweight and goes on without clumping. Next up is the serum. I don't mind the product even if it does have a strong scent. My issue is with the packaging - while it's eco-friendly, once opened, it can't be closed. I reverted to "plugging" the tube by inserting the tip upside down. There might be a better way... The eye cream is nice, no complaints. Then I got a couple hair products, which are few and far between. The heat-guard has a strong smell, but seems to work alright. What I do love is the Amika texture spray. I've never been big on texture sprays, but this one is amazing! All in all, this was a good month. Looking forward to the next!

FOUR // Bow Necklace
Ever remember a piece of jewelry you had tucked away for a while and out of the blue decide you want to wear it again? Well, that's what happened with this cute bow necklace. It's actually a Pandora bow charm on a Thomas Sabo chain. I've had it for years and just recently felt like wearing it again. It's a perfectly simple everyday necklace that is dainty and whimsical. I've worn it a handful of times since the new year and am really loving it. I also find it perfect for this time of year and the run up to Valentine's Day, even if there is no time limit on wearing bows. Rediscovering one's own jewelry is fun!

FIVE // Scarves
When my mom visited last fall, she brought along a little sewing project for us. She had gotten plenty of flannel fabrics and fun buttons to make cute scarves. We had lots of fun mixing and matching up the fabrics to get some cute flip-side action and then selected the perfect buttons for each. We were ambitious and made about twelve scarves with different combinations and had a few more ready and prepped to sew. This was time consuming, so she brought the rest home with her to finish. I ended up keeping three for myself and love them all! They are great to wear with various coats, or even indoors to simply drape over your shoulders for a bit more warmth. I find myself reaching for them when working at my desk this time of year. The button means it stays put when draped. Naturally, every style I picked out had a variation of plaid... I like what I like, ha ha!

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