15 Mar 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #292

ONE // Spring Groom
Well, it's been a few weeks now since my dog's last groom and she was due for a fresh cut. With spring just around the corner (or already here, really) that means wet, muddy season with the snow melting. This tiny dog loves going for walks, but she's so low to the ground that, if said ground is wet, she will get all wet and muddy. Having shorter fur makes cleaning and drying her a lot easier. She never met a puddle she didn't mind splashing through... It's nice to have a clean and well-groomed dog, even though I know she loves being scruffy, ha!

TWO // G&G Pastel Green
At Christmas time, Grace & Grandeur released matt satin bows in soft pink and bubblegum pink. I got one and love it! It's lighter and has more movement than my velvet bows. Both shades of pink are still available, but a few weeks ago, she released her spring matt satin bow lineup in lilac, yellow and chambray blue. Then, this week she's adding a pastel green to the mix! That ribbon arrived later than expected, but is now available to order! If I hadn't just placed an order from the velvet vault sale last week, I'd ben very tempted to get a satin bow in every colour. If you are looking for the perfect Easter accessory (or two), these bows are it!

THREE // Springtime Treat
The other day I treated myself to a little treat. It was a warm, sunny, seemingly spring day and I was running errands. I even inadvertently left the house without a coat - in March! Luckily for me, it was a beautifully mild day and I was fine in just a sweater. I popped into Timmies and spotted the sprinkle mini egg donut. I'm a kid at heart and can't resist a sprinkle donut to this day... I also have a mini eggs addiction, so I did not stand a chance against this donut! I love that I can just get myself a sprinkle donut whenever I fancy, being an adult is wild! I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of my treat and was buzzing with giddiness the entire time! (That might have been the sugar, but I say it was pure joy!)

FOUR // Pretty Scarves
I'm rediscovering my pretty scarf collection. Now that the warm weather is just around the corner, I'm wanting to take out the dainty accessories and scarves are at the top of that list. A floral or geometric print in bright or pastel hues is always a classy addition to an outfit. Now that I'll be wearing fewer layers, there will be more room for statement accessories. I love wearing a scarf around my neck, but also in my hair or on a bag. There are so many ways wear scarves, the styling possibilities are endless. This blue, red and pink floral scarf (similar) is at the top of my to-wear list!

FIVE // St. Paddy's Day Treats
I always like to see what seasonal treats Brookie comes up with on her Instagram account. Recently, I've been loving all of her St. Patrick's Day offerings. From clover cupcakes, to a chocolatey poke cake she comes up with all manner of green festive treats. I was most impressed with these adorable chocolate covered pretzel clovers. I mean, it's genius in its simplicity! Being a fan of a sweet and salty snack, this is precisely the type of treat I would gravitate towards. If you need any creative ideas for easy St. Patrick day treats for this weekend, look no further!

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