29 Mar 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #294

ONE // Sugar Shack
As is tradition, we went to the sugar shack with some friends last weekend. We hadn't gone since before the pandemic, but it used to be a yearly tradition. It feels nice to revive it! I realize it's a typically Canadian thing to do, but it really is such fun. It's the one time a year it's socially acceptable to douse your entire plate of food in a layer of maple syrup à la Buddy the Elf, ha ha! I mean, we literally put that stuff on everything from pancakes, to potatoes, to bacon, to eggs and even coffee! As if that wasn't enough, there's also dessert - sugar pie or pouding chômeur (sort of like sticky toffee pudding). I have to say the sugar shack we went to this past weekend was not the most authentic experience, we prefer the Québec options, so will likely try to go to another one in the coming weeks. That being said, it was still a great outing and totally worth every bite! 

TWO // Velvet Vault Bows
When Sarah from Grace & Grandeur teased this amethyst velvet bow to announce the velvet vault sale, I knew I needed this one! Purple is my favourite colour and I missed out on this bow because it was launched before I discovered the brand and was not available after that. However, Sarah found a roll of the velvet ribbon during a clean out of the studio space along with a few other leftovers from past collections. So, she had an exclusive velvet bow vault sale. I was lucky enough to snag an amethyst bow and a sage green one, too. I had slept on this one when it was launched two Christmases ago and am so happy I finally got it! Getting these bows feels like a real win to me, ha ha! Also, they are simply perfect in person, I couldn't be happier with my choices.

THREE // Hot Cross Buns
I grew up eating hot cross buns every Easter. My mom liked them, so she'd always get some. I'd never attempted to make them myself, but when I saw Lily's recipe, I knew I wanted to make my own this Easter. I swapped the chocolate chips for raisins and craisins, because that's how I prefer them. However, the chocolate chip version also sounds very tasty. Who knows, I might make them twice! My mixture was a bit on the watery side for the crosses, so they don't look as defined as they should, but everything else turned out great! Such a tasty treat!

FOUR // Spring Bath Bombs
I couldn't help myself and got two springtime bath bombs. I got the Alien Bunny and the Blooming Beautiful Orange Blossom - I love a fresh, zesty citrus scent and these are both spot on! I know that my bath season is almost over, but I'm trying to squeeze a few more in before the weather warms up and I don't feel like taking warm baths anymore. To me, nothing is more me time than a bath. I get to relax in warm water, with a soothing scent and just enjoy my own company. I'll either read on watch a show on my phone. It's my own little private bubble and I find it forces me to slow down and just be in the moment. Also, I like the healing aspect of Epsom salts so sooth sore and tense muscles. Here' to a few month baths before the season is over! 

FIVE // Reese's Eggs
I've always loved Reese's peanut butter cups as a kid. This is the candy for which I'd trade other candy with my siblings at Halloween. I still find the chocolate/peanut butter flavour combination to be superior. That being said, there are variations on the treat that I find to be even better than the original. Around Easter, my mom would get the mini peanut butter cups and I always preferred them to the bigger cups because the ratio of filling to chocolate coating was a better balance. However, there is one iteration that reigns supreme and that is the holiday shapes. I've been going through the Easter eggs like it's nobody's business this year. This is the third pack I've gotten... The amount of peanut butter filling is glorious and I can't get enough of them. Enjoying them while I can because the next shapes will be pumpkins in the fall...

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