1 Mar 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #290

ONE // Vacation
I know I've been cryptic about it, but we went on vacation to Mexico last week. Before leaving, I wasn't sure how much I'd want to blog or post about it, but once we got there and I hadn't taken any photos by day two, I decided to let myself off the hook. It was an unintentional digital detox of sorts and allowed me to just enjoy the trip without the burden of always thinking about creating content. I've blogged multiple similar vacations in the past, so there was really nothing new or that different to document. Truth be told, it was a blessing to just get to fully enjoy my vacation and be in the moment. We made great friends, ate wonderful foods and had an overall great time. The intense dose of sea and sunshine was just what I needed to refill my cup and power through the rest of winter. We went to a new-to-us resort, the Platinum Yucat√°n Princess, and really loved it! We prefer smaller, quieter resorts and this one delivered. Our room overlooked the party pool, but we managed to find some really quiet spots to relax in. I wore lots of cute outfits, but have zero photographic evidence. Oh well, this just means I'll get to be an outfit repeater when the summer comes around!

TWO // Downton Abbey - Season 7
Well, this is news I was not expecting but am pleased to hear - filming has begun on a season 7 of Downton Abbey! After six seasons and two movies, we are getting another season! I'm so happy! I really don't know what to expect, but one thing's for sure, I'll miss the Dowager Countess. Her witty clap backs made for some of the best lines in the entire series. I also wonder how they will ramp up the story lines again as everything seemed pretty wrapped up and final in the last movie. Rumour has it we won't have to wait too long either as the series should hit our screens by the end of the year. Now I have the perfect excuse to rewatch the series for the umpteenth time, ha ha!

THREE // Tea Tin
While I've been a royal watcher for a very long time, I had yet to actually get any memorabilia or collectible items. Granted, this is simpler to do in the U.K., but we do have quite a bit royal-related things in Canada also. I found this adorable tea tin at Homesense the other day and simply had to have it! I suppose this type of memorabilia will be few and far between since the passing of QEII. I guess I used to think it would just be around the way it has been for 70 years, but it finally dawned on me that this might not be the case anymore. So I got the tin and I've been enjoying cuppas of afternoon tea regularly since then. It's the little things!

FOUR // February Ipsy
My February glam bag arrived while I was on vacation, so am only getting around to posting about it now. First off, I love the ruffled texture design of this bag - it's so feminine and romantic! The pink satiny finish and heart-shaped zipper pull with bow are the icing on the cake. I really love this bag! As for the product line-up, it's okay. My favourite are the moisturizer, the cleanser and the exfoliator (I haven't used an exfoliator in a while and was reminded how much I love them!) The bronzer and setting spray are fine, they are just not products I use much. I like the toner and the eye cream is good too. All in all, this bag was okay - some good products, some not really in my wheel house. I decided to skip March because I was not loving the bag design, hopefully April will be a good month!

FIVE // Strawberry Cookies
I stumbled across this recipe on social media and I immediately wanted to make some! With spring just around the corner, I'm starting to crave those sunny days and cherry blossom flowers. We had just bought some fresh strawberries at the grocery store, so seeing a strawberry cookie recipe seemed like kismet. To my surprise, the recipe calls for freeze-dried strawberries, so I have yet to make them because I have to find the right ingredient... I think using fresh strawberries would throw off the moisture content in the recipe. I can't wait to actually try them out because strawberry sugar cookies sound amazing to me! I've got time, spring isn't here yet!

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