8 Mar 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #291

ONE // 
Strawberry Cookies
Last week, I posted this strawberry cookie recipe in my Friday post and it's back this week because I've tested it out. I found some freeze-dried strawberries and got to work making these cookies. I did modify the recipe slightly. First off, I straight-up forgot to add the jam to the batter. However, I found the batter to be moist enough without it. I also had a lot of leftover strawberry powder, so decided to roll the cookie dough balls in it prior to baking. This technique is often done with sugar for snickerdoodles. This gave them even more strawberry flavour and likely compensated for the missing jam. I then topped them with the icing and another dusting of strawberry powder. Next time, I will half the icing because I found I had too much left over. These cookies turned out delicious - their colour is striking and the strawberry flavour packs a punch! I do find them to be borderline too sweet, but that might be down to all of my added strawberry powder. Next time, I will half the amount of freeze-dried strawberries as well as half the icing portion of the recipe. They really are a perfect springtime cookie. I can see them being a hit during an Easter gathering.

TWO // Current Read
So, I know I was super into the American Royals series before I went on vacation. But I read something totally different while on vacation. I always like bringing my Kobo as opposed to physical books because it's easier, lighter and I can bring so many more options. I also typically only read from my e-reader on vacation. It's odd, I know. All that to say that the last time I had my e-reader was on vacation in 2020 and I had started reading Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. Yes, the original, in French. Well, when I opened my e-reader, that's the book I decided to continue reading after a 4-year hiatus... Now, I'm determined to finish it before going back to American Royals. New goal unlocked, ha ha!

THREE // Fresh Locks
I was in dire need of getting my roots done. I knew it would be bad because I pushed my appointment out by an extra two weeks because of my vacation. I knew better than to get my hair done before spending a week in the sun, salt and chlorine. I also knew I'd be wearing my sunhats non-stop, so the roots didn't really bother me. However, once back home, my locks needed some TLC. It's always a nice feeling when I go to the salon. My hairdresser sweetly commented that my greys get worse with every appointment. Ha! Thanks, I know! She didn't mean it in a bad way and I am well aware of my hair's true colour. I mean, that's why I go see her and get it coloured! With my natural hair colour being a very light brown and my white hairs getting more apparent, I fear I'd look completely grey if I stopped dying my hair. I'm simply not ready to embrace the natural as of now. I'm not in denial and not trying to maintain a facade, I know I've gone grey and I make no secret that I dye my hair. It's the one beauty maintenance I do and will continue to do for the foreseeable.

I've been waiting all year for Big Brother Canada to grace our screens once more! This is a show that my husband and I love watching together and we get so invested in the participants and compare notes on strategies and game play. We get sucked in! This year is the twelfth season of BBCan and we actually haven't missed a single one so far. There's just something so fun and light-hearted about the Canadian version. The creators don't take themselves too seriously and really have fun and get creative with the competitions. Even the sound effects are amazing! We love that his iteration of Big Brother is still very much light-hearted and an overall fun watch. The participants appear very interesting so far and we even got two alums join the cast. That should keep the dynamics interesting!

FIVE // Two-Toned Flats
I snagged these two-toned slingback flats from Old Navy a few weeks ago and I can't wait to style them for spring! I've loved similar cap toe shoes for years but just never got around to getting any. I like the slingback feature on this particular pair and the prince point was great to test out the style. I can see these being very versatile and a great addition to any trench-coat looks. They could easily be dressed up or down - paired with a flowy dress or some cute cropped denim. Their neutrality means I'll get to wear them often! I can't wait for warmer weather to take them on their inaugural outing.

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